Music for Pubs: Making the Most of Summer


June 27, 2017


Mel Frazer-Reid

The sun is out, the crowds are in, and it's time to show your customers why your pub is the best place to be on a sunny day.

While you're busy ensuring your pub garden is ready for the influx and your BBQ is up to scratch, have you considered how you should change up your music on these warmer days to provide the best possible atmosphere for your customers?

We already know that music in pubs and bars contributes to an increase in sales, so making the most of your venue’s music should be a priority.


Having bright and beautiful weather is always a great excuse to crank up the celebrations, so it’s great to give your customers this sense of fun and elation by switching up your regular music schedule.

While we'd always recommend a soundtrack of carefully profiled playlists tailored to your venue’s trading patterns and target audiences, a hot day provides a great opportunity to bend the rules. Genres such as reggae, motown and soul typically perform very well in the summer, largely down to their feel-good vibes and, often, beach-orientated themes. We enjoy hearing these types of songs the most in the summer, when we can relate to them more. They are also crowd-pleasers that every age group from the teens to the baby boomers enjoy and, combined with good weather, their musical elements transport us to somewhere merry and carefree!

Focussing on feel-good music when the weather is nice is a great approach for pubs, where people come to wind down from work and ease away from a busy week. By varying your music for these times, you can make a noticeable impression on visiting customers and allow them to embrace the warmer environment to the full.

If rock or alternative music is more up your brand’s street, that can work well too (queue Mr.Brightside!). The key is to keep a consistent, positive vibe, so make sure your summer playlists flow well from one track to another.


Just like with your musical variety, the summer provides an excuse to experiment more than usual with your music's volume. The fact that you are likely to be busier than usual on a hot day, and have the added competition of noise from exterior areas permits for a louder soundtrack.

Not only this, but while overpowering music is consciously avoided in retail and hospitality venues, a small increase in volume in this context will help to create and elevate a higher sense of energy - which we all tend to feel more in the summer!

Try sticking to your standard music levels during the day and upping by a couple of notches when it comes to early evening or special occasions, as this will contribute to a building a buzz for your customers.


The days are longer and lighter, and people are feeling more inclined to venture out than stay tucked up indoors. This is the perfect time for you to exploit the weather by holding events at your venue, and music is a great tool to support these. For many, there's nowhere they'd rather be than at their favourite pub on a hot day, so why not actively invite your customers back again and again!

Try hosting different music-themed nights throughout the week, with different genres and eras as the theme. For example, you could host a series of music nights dedicated to the decades. From the swinging 60s to the best of the noughties, your music can be the perfect basis for an evening of entertainment.

With a digital jukebox system like Startle Jukebox, you could even run 'Be The DJ' events where your customers control the soundtrack. This is a great way of engaging customers and getting them to interact more personally with your brand. In turn, you can use their collected data for future SMS marketing, allowing you to spread awareness of upcoming events, news and promotions, leading to more opportunities to give your venue a boost this season.

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Ultimately, music is a very powerful tool that can contribute to providing the best possible experience for your customers on summer days. When they’re happy, you’ll see an increase in dwell-time and, subsequently, spend, and you can rely on that all-important word of mouth marketing to attract new customers and repeat visits!

Users of our flexible background music service, Startle Music, can access a variety of playlists tailored to various seasons, genres and occasions. Our latest compilation, 'Summer Sounds', compiles favourites from great artists including Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac and Aretha Franklin, all with that summery edge to give venues a boost this season!

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