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Putting Pizza Pilgrims in Sync with their Customers

Putting Pizza Pilgrims in Sync with their Customers
Written by

Chris Turner


February 6, 2020


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Facing the music

Music makes the world go ‘round, especially at Pizza Pilgrims. As a playful brand, they need a spotlight-ready jam partner, as their previous background music supplier was hiding backstage.

Pizza Pilgrims wanted a collaboration with a music partner to provide the right levels of customisation and bring their creative ideas to life with a passion that equalled their own. Complex requirements for their venues meant they needed implementation solutions for pitch-perfect audio equipment and setup in 12 unique locations.

A matter of fine tuning

Pizza Pilgrims found the Simon to their Garfunkel as Startle Music gave them millions of tracks to enjoy and build their own playlists. With multi-site control from one account, they can now easily and simultaneously entertain the crowds in all their venues, ensuring a consistent atmosphere.

We identified Pizza Pilgrims as the perfect partner for our interactive smartphone jukebox, Startle Bot. With the ability to sync the Bot with digital signage, managed from the same system, Pizza Pilgrims can promote this fun feature on screens to increase customer engagement. Diners become DJs, choosing the tracks via their smartphones and allowing them to personalise their own visits.

On top of this, we have scope to fine-tune other elements of the technology to deliver a truly unique experience. For example, our content platform enables Pizza Pilgrims to overlay their live ‘Chef Cam’ with bespoke displays, expanding the reach of their promotions and adding variety. We even integrated with their stock market-esque ticker tape to show the currently playing artist amongst ingredients listings.

Restaurant area in Pizza Pilgrims

Hitting the right note

Pizza Pilgrims co-founder, Thom Elliot, admits to spending endless hours jamming to our music library as he builds their beloved soundtrack. Restaurant managers also use the Bot to request tracks throughout their shifts and fuel their vibrant employee experience; something that works wonderfully in a restaurant where eclectic and mixed music is welcomed! With reports of a faster, more reliable service and huge satisfaction with our 24/7 Relentless Support™, we are now working with Pizza Pilgrims on further exciting opportunities.

Music to our ears

“Startle has proved to be the perfect partner for Pizza Pilgrims, embracing all of our ideas for using music and technology to enhance our pizzerias. Our playlist management has improved massively, but the custom integrations we’ve been able to build in are the most exciting part. On top of this, the support we receive is super responsive and I know we can rely on the Startle team for quick, 1-to-1 help whenever we need it.” - Thom Elliott, co-founder of Pizza Pilgrims

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Putting Pizza Pilgrims in Sync with their Customers

Chris Turner

Account Director at Startle. It's my job to look after customers and offer advice on how brands can enhance their customer experience using integrated music and technology. Often found eating, drinking and shopping (all in the name of research) in our customer's locations.

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