Why Startle Bot

Playing music in a retail, hospitality or leisure space is a great way to enhance the atmosphere and encourage your desired customer behaviour. An undeniably effective way to evoke emotion, music offers opportunities for businesses to engage their customers and encourage a connection with the brand to form.

Restaurants, bars and retail stores are constantly competing to make their customer experiences more memorable in a bid to stand out from the competition. By allowing customers to choose their favourite songs to play in your venue, you can achieve this while providing a fun experience they’ll want to share with their friends.

How it works

Startle Bot integrates with your brand’s Facebook pages to enable customers to request their favourite songs or artists through the Messenger. When a track is selected, it will be added to the queue to play in your venue. This will build a schedule of requests that creates excitement for customers waiting to hear their songs, and encourages repeat use.

What’s more, Startle Bot is programmed to respond to various questions and actions, providing a fun, interactive user experience. As well as requesting their favourite tracks via their smartphones, customers can choose to 'Play', ‘Like’, see ‘Similar Suggestions’, and view ‘Info’ on artists and songs, encouraging continued interaction with your brand online.

Main Benefits

Picture of Deliver a unique experience service feature

Deliver a unique experience

Engage your customers with a fresh, interactive music experience that will give your venue a real differentiator.

Picture of Increase social media engagement service feature

Increase social media engagement

By giving consumers a new reason to visit your business on social media, you can increase engagement with your online content.

Picture of Generate revenues from song requests service feature

Generate revenues from song requests

With the option to charge for requests through Pay-Per-Play, Startle Bot can bring your business a brand new revenue stream.

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Key Features

As an add-on to Startle Music, Startle Bot is powered by the same solid-state hardware, the Startle Player. This simply plugs into your existing sound system and connects to the internet through your broadband router, providing a lifetime of reliable, maintenance-free service.

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