Why Startle Experiences

Retail and hospitality venues need to offer memorable experiences to remain competitive and keep customers coming back. One way of doing this is by immersing consumers in an environment that engages them with music and technology. By encouraging interaction with these elements of your brand, you can leave a lasting impression and drive a connection to form.

While background music is an undeniably effective way to build an atmosphere and evoke emotion, integrating this with other technology touchpoints such as digital signage and social media can take the experience to a new level. Amplifying messages, offering a connected stream of entertainment and building a journey will increase customer engagement through a stronger sense of brand.


Our team are experts in background music and technology. Using your objectives and brand guidelines, we can develop new, innovative solutions that link music, digital signage, bots, WiFi and more, allowing you to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience and making your brand stand out.

Whether you’re looking to synchronise your background music and lighting, enhance product displays by triggering digital information on screens when a customer passes, or perhaps offer voucher redemption for players in your own branded smartphone quiz, Startle’s in-house development team can help you create a solution that exceeds your expectations of in-venue technology.

Features & Benefits

Picture of Audio/Wifi Integration service feature

Audio/Wifi Integration

Startle has made it possible for venues to customise the music playing according to a customer’s individual preferences. By sensing a customer’s device when they enter the venue and triggering their favourite artist to play, this innovative functionality creates a personalised experience that they’ll go on to associate with your brand.

Picture of Digital Signage service feature

Digital Signage

Our dynamic digital signage platform helps brands to maximise their sales and marketing efforts whilst integrating with other in-venue technologies. Digital displays are an effective way to captivate customers and increase awareness of news, offers and events, as well as combining with the music to ensure a balanced and consistent technology offering.

Picture of Quiz Chatbots service feature

Quiz Chatbots

Running through a social media chatbot, our quizzes provide an innovative new form of entertainment for venues. Customers can play in a music, sport or branded quiz via their smartphones, interacting with the bot to answer. You can even enable nationwide competition, allowing players to contend with other venues to build further excitement.

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Technology & Support

All of Startle’s music and technology services are run from our reliable, solid-state hardware, the Startle Player. This makes integrating sight and sound easy, giving a seamless technology experience that minimises the need for ongoing management. To ensure our customers get the most from their background music and technology services, we deliver Relentless Support™ to all customers that guarantees proactive monitoring and fast resolution of any queries.

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