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Given the serious challenges faced by the hotel industry, any competitive advantages you can get your hands on to increase bookings are vital. Our experts are equipped with tools built with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to understand neuro responses to particular tracks and sentiment of lyrics.

What does this boil down to? The music played in a hotel – the tempo, genre and volume – can directly influence a guest’s sensory perception and buying behaviour. For example, playing slower tempo music can encourage guests to spend more time in a location and order more drinks1. Furthermore, a study by Areni and Kim found that classical music creates an air of sophistication which translates into increased spending2.

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We just can’t be gloomy at Startle; it’s not in our nature, and there’s plenty to be positive about in the hotel industry. For example, leisure spending on short and long breaks is up from 20183. In 2019, UK hotels experienced their ninth consecutive year of rooms yield growth4. But things are evolving. Industry experts expect customers to look for venues that bring together an ‘experience package’ for all the senses3.

Startle can integrate music with other tech to automate playlists and reflect changes in the environment. Also syncing with lighting, volume and digital signage, Startle hits all the right notes when it comes to building a pitch perfect ‘experience package’. Playing jazz music can increase the perceived quality of a location and encourage higher spend by putting people in a ‘luxury’ frame of mind, driving upsells for activities like spa bookings or sales of expensive wines in the bar.

Embracing the combined power of music and technology to shape behaviour is a smart and strategic way to engage your customers, improve customer experience and stand out from the competition.

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We make it easy for retail and hospitality brands to tap into the power of music to strike a chord with customers.

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Fusing music with other technology touchpoints can raise the roof on the customer experience.

Get in the middle of a chain reaction.

Use the science behind good vibrations and discover behavioural evidence to shape magical atmospheres.

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I have been waiting for a music and signage service like this for years. Current music but in-keeping with the Lloyds brand, I feel like it is driving repeat business as the customers are actually enjoying the music. Signage is fabulous and takes all the pain away.

Anthony Thomas
Lloyds; The Hedley Verity pub
Lloyds; The Hedley Verity pub

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