Atmospheres That Sell.

The world’s first behavioural science book specific to retail and hospitality. Wield the power of behavioural science biases to give your atmosphere an edge with market leading insight, written and produced by Startle.

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“Getting inside your consumers' heads is difficult - changing the atmosphere is much easier. This book highlights how many businesses are missing out by ignoring these highly influential tools within their grasp, and gives them practical advice on how best to use them.”

RICHARD Chataway

behavioural science practitioner & author of The Behaviour Business

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Turn your atmosphere into a meaningful driver of your business objectives.

“A site is your staging area. It’s your cornerstone of experience and atmosphere. It’s your show business. It’s your best point of differentiation and brand distinctiveness. Have you ever seen a show without lights, music, costume, comfortable seating, a cloakroom, a bar… they’re not costs, they are as much the product as the show. And without them, the product just won’t stand alone. Throughout this book, I’ll share with you how to run your site more like an extension of your brand and marketing function, a critical tool in achieving your commercial objectives. Because your sites are your showbusiness, and your showbusiness is your product.”

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About Startle

Startle are a passionate team driven by the thrill of creating knock-out customer experiences through a perfectly branded atmosphere. Working with retail and hospitality brands that understand the importance of a great customer experience, we use music, behavioural science and integrations to create atmospheres uniquely designed around your business and brand objectives.

With our music and behavioural expertise, technical know-how, and best-in-class support; our customers are able to scale their perfected atmospheres to achieve consistency across their locations. In doing so, they are optimising their customer experience for immediate commercial gain and valuable long-term brand impact.

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