Music sounds better with Startle.

Create pitch-perfect customer experiences by harnessing the power of music + tech + science. 

We call it music+

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Music +
Our algorithm
is a dancer.

We make it easy for retail and hospitality brands to tap into the power of music to strike a chord with customers.

Integrates easy like
Sunday morning.

Fusing music with other technology touchpoints can raise the roof on the customer experience.

Get in the middle of a chain reaction.

Use the science behind good vibrations and discover behavioural evidence to shape magical atmospheres.

Music Plus Dashboard

Our tech

All of the best tech is both powerful and effortless, right? We think so too. That’s why we’ve built a stress free plug-in-and-go solution.

We do all of the hard work for you, so once you’ve connected to your network and amplifier you’ll have the full power of Studio - our atmosphere curation platform - at your fingertips. Studio is a flexible, ultra-reliable and cloud hosted software platform that's designed to manage the consistency (and quirks) across a whole retail or hospitality estate.

Whether you’re after full atmospheric control or hands free management, our lightweight, eco-friendly hardware and industry-leading software have got your back.

Our tech

Startle is the perfect partner for the design and installation of my audio systems. Their expert engineering teams provide site-specific recommendations that always deliver the most amazing sound quality. They also provide me with a number of bespoke playlists that are constantly refreshed with new and exciting music, which means the service is loved by both my staff and customers. I cannot recommend their services highly enough. Having tried the rest, Startle certainly is the best.

Mike Racz