Cloud Based Digital Signage.

Seeing is believing. Engaging your customers through vibrant visual displays can be a game-changer in your retail or hospitality experience. Enter Startle’s cloud-based digital signage system.

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Dynamic displays all day long.

Whether your customers are browsing the aisles, winding down with a drink, or waiting to be served, digital signage provides an impactful way to communicate. The nature of a digital display is much more dynamic than traditional print signage, with obvious benefits of faster and more cost effective updates. Not to mention the flexibility it provides when needing to convey multiple messages across the day.

Startle Display provides an effective entertainment and communication platform for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses. Whether you have 5 screens or 5,000 to manage, our digital signage system supports easy uploading and scheduling of static or video content, allowing you to tailor your displays to work perfectly for each time and day of the week.

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Our ramped-up, ready-to-go signage tool.

Within our atmosphere management platform, Studio, you can control your signage and unlock efficiencies across your business.

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Upload and manage image and video assets in one place, for multiple locations.

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Make use of our readymade templates, or create and edit your own content with our editor.

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Remotely copy settings across multiple screens or locations, or create a schedule unique to each.

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Save energy by setting screens to shut off at night through standby commands over HDMI.

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Integrate with Startle Music to play audio from videos through your overhead speakers, between the tracks.

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Make your music an even bigger feature and show “Now Playing” or “What’s Next” to draw attention to the tunes.

Tailorable to any business.

We’ve built our digital signage platform to be flexible and intuitive for all types of uses; menu boards in quick-service restaurants. Product ads in retail stores. Staff announcements after closing in bars. Food and drink offers to break up live sport in pubs. Whatever your business, Startle Display can be put to work in your environment to ensure it cuts through and delivers the messages you need it to.

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Display (almost) anything you want.

Our digital signage tool is an intelligent thing. We know there may be a variety of content you want to show in your locations, but don’t have the means to do so. With Startle’s Takeover functionality, you can use our API to schedule HTML on screens for both dynamic content or integration into external services. Show the weather, train times or news, or integrate with other entertainment systems to bring them to life on your screens, integrating seamlessly with your own content. With our highly flexible signage solution, you can do (almost) anything.

Integration across your entire atmosphere.

Startle Display runs from the same ultra-reliable hardware as our background music service. Our Player simply connects to your screens via HDMI to bring content to life. Once you’re up and running, you can control the content across your screen estate from our intuitive cloud based user platform, Studio. With music, signage and more, all managed from one place, we’ve made it easy for all of your tech to work together. Audio from your videos can be set to integrate seamlessly with your music schedule, fading product ads or announcements up at your chosen times, and back to your usual music schedule once finished. Easy.

The intelligence doesn’t stop there. Speak to our team, who are trained in behavioural science, to discuss using digital signage to provide an occupied wait - reducing frustration and perceived waiting times - improve brand recall, or build distinctiveness for your brand. That last one is often referred to as The Von Restorff Effect, which predicts that an item or brand that stands out from the rest is more likely to be remembered than others. You can read more about that on our blog, if you’re intrigued.

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Startle Arena.

Sports fans - here’s one for you. To truly tap into the opportunities live sport provides to pubs and bars, you need a platform to broadcast, promote and hype up events. Startle Arena was designed to do just that. An add on to our digital signage solution, Startle Arena provides a dynamic schedule of content that will both entertain customers in your venue at the time, and encourage them to return on match days.

Combining recent sports statistics with entertaining content and promotional videos from the main UK and worldwide broadcasters, Startle Arena creates a TV ‘hub’ for all things sport. Content is automatically updated, with up to 35 new videos every day, so you can enjoy a constantly refreshed service that requires minimal management. And if you want a truly bespoke service, we can even create a branded channel that becomes entirely your own. Get in touch and we’ll show you how it’s done.

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Exceeded our expectations

Startle have consistently been a great support to our stores. From their content management, music profiling and technical support, Startle have enabled us to create a seamless shopping atmosphere across our full store estate.

Iris McSweeney

Marketing Manager

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