Studio gives you the power to replicate a perfectly curated atmosphere across an entire estate, all from a single platform.

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Music controlled.

All of the best tech is both powerful and effortless, right? We think so too. That’s why we’ve built a stress-free plug-in-and-go solution.

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Built to be easy

There’s no long and complex manual to get you started because we built Studio to be intuitive. This means anyone can pick it up and start controlling the atmosphere immediately.

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Granular and adaptable

Studio can equip each site with a set of powerful tools to control the music and atmosphere from just a few clicks, or set up different permissions to leave the site managers doing what they do best.

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Incredibly secure

It is built with the latest enterprise-level security and robustly tested with end-to-end encryption.

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Tune-Up™ enhanced

A world-first innovation that reports live to the user how to boost customer experience in the moment and lower the carbon footprint of each site over the long-term.

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Estate managed.

Whether you’re after full atmospheric control or automated atmosphere management, our lightweight, eco-friendly hardware and industry-leading software have got your back.

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Designed for multi-site operators

Our cutting-edge platform is built to support large estates with complex requirements.

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Estate overview

Use the dashboard to have a quick snapshot on how all of your sites are performing, and control them with single-click actions.

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Highly adaptable

Studio is a flexible, ultra-reliable and cloud hosted platform that's designed to manage the consistency (and quirks) across a whole retail or hospitality estate.

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Test & scale

Creating a finely-tuned atmosphere is hard, replicating this at scale is harder. Studio makes it easy to build a powerful network to test and scale even the most specific adaptations.

Jammin’ till the jam is through.

What music could you be playing to achieve your objectives? Try our Rehearsal Room to design your atmosphere with intent.
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“Studio tackles all the problems we hear customers have experienced in the past. Easy to use, secure, scalable and adaptable, it’s power in your pocket.”

Nigel Warburton

Chief Technology Officer

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