Music Profiling.

Our five profiling pillars are the foundational tenets of our profiling process. They help keep us away from navel-gazing and firmly in the camp of science-backed and commercially-sound atmosphere curation.

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Context is King

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1. Context is King.

Profiling outside of context, is profiling blind. We would never do this to you.

There is so often too much focus on content and none on context. What is the local culture? Where is the commercial space located? What purchase goals are you hoping to answer? What’s the weather like? What time of day is it?

The best music profiling works within the context of its intended use. That’s why we won’t just ask you or your customers what songs they like, we will start from the ground up with what ecosystem the music will exist in and what it needs to achieve.

So Sally can Weight

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2. So Sally can Weight.

Design by committee that weights all feedback equally is a slippery slope to mediocracy. So step back sally.

How do we know that what we do is right and where does feedback come into play? Yes, nice music is great, but we know that you’re here for more than that. What is really key is the impact on customer behaviour, purchase decisions, brand recall, brand personality, dwell time, increased covers... whatever your goals, we have them set firmly in our profiling sights.

And knowing how people behave (and sometimes how they can surprise you) our profiling process has a detailed weighted factor model at its heart. What this means is that we know observed data is better than questionnaires, getting stuff live and seeing the impact is better than endless feedback loops and that even if Sally from accounts really likes that song, it might not be best for you.

When Everyone Zigs...

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3. When Everyone Zigs...

Being distinctive isn’t a risky choice, being the same in a sea of sameness is.

It is critical that businesses aim for distinctiveness and this is just as important in your atmosphere curation. Being distinctive takes you from brand recognition to brand recall, from one of those to the one. Or to be a bit scientific for a moment, the Von Restorff Effect (being distinctive) is a core driver for salience (being top-of-mind) and could be the difference between commercial success and commercial failure.

One key way of achieving this is to look outside of the competitive space for inspiration, because quite simply, it’s hard to be distinctive when you’re only looking at your peers.

We are Famili-ar

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4. We are Famili-ar.


It’s well proven that what you expect to experience heavily weighs what you think you experienced. What that means is if you deliver an amazing first-impression, they will see you through that lens everytime and if you give them the same experience each time, this association only gets stronger (it’s called the Mere-Exposure Effect: the more you see it, the more you like it).

If you can create the perfect atmosphere and replicate it at scale, you’re effectively constantly embedding positive vibes with your customers and this can help build positive familiarity (which creates great cognitive ease for spending!) and strong long-term brand values.

Oh Behave

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5. Oh Behave


We all know that music can change our moods. But its power is much larger than just that; it can change the way we move, how we behave, our perception of time, our reading of a brand or influence our purchase decisions.

With a balance of behavioural science and data-driven tech we are able to predict the likely physical, emotional and behavioural impact of music. This is where we are truly able to harness the power of music and use it with intention because without behavioural science and data all you’re left with is some nice music and wishful thinking.

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