Background music for bars & pubs.

Music for shots, for shorts, for shaken and stirred, for lingering longer and ordering something stronger.

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What’s a great pub or bar experience?

Something customers tell their friends about. Like the buzz of a packed venue, filled with chatter, cheers-ing and feelgood tunes as you drink and catch up with friends. It elevates a brand to distinction, with the atmosphere of all sites harmonising in unison. Ultimately it improves your bottom line.


But that’s where we can help. Music isn’t all we know, but it’s in our soul, and when blended with tech and our knowledge of behavioural science we create branded pub and bar experiences that sync perfectly in tune with your business objectives.

With our music for pubs and bars, we’re lucky to work with some of the biggest and best brands in the world, from high-street chains to high-end hideouts to eclectic independents. Whether you’re looking to influence dwell-time, increase customer spend or boost employee productivity, our team has the expertise to drive your objectives and make your venues sing.

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Bars & pubs that sound better with Startle

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Behavioural Science in action, at the bar.

Did you know that wine served from a heavier bottle is perceived as having a more intense smell and as being of higher quality? While playing classical music can lead to higher spending than both no music and pop music, and slow music encourages people to take their time - a useful tactic for when you want to increase dwell-time and spend.




  • brand distinctiveness
  • cover control
  • responsive atmospherics
  • repeat custom
  • brand consistency
  • top of mind
  • driving spend
  • increased dwell time
  • throughput control

Tell me more, tell me more - What does a great pub or bar experience look like?

Taking something that can be seen as a commodity and turning it into a major driving factor to your bottom line. It’s getting music and atmosphere on your team and in all your venues.

Imagine an atmosphere that’s built to run itself, optimising the music and screen advertising to make sure the experience is always at its best and keeps the tills ringing. Couple that with professional DJ mixes and automated lighting to level up your venue at nighttime and you’ve got the tools to make your pub or bar a place of distinction.

We call it music+.

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Tailored music for pubs and bars.

Our music services give you everything you need to propel your atmosphere to perfection. Professionally curated playlists designed for a variety of bar environments. An easy-to-use drag and drop scheduler that can be tailored to your opening hours. Flexible permissions that allow you to determine who can control what. Multisite reporting to ensure you’re on top of what’s happening at each and every location. Whatever your requirements, we’ll give you the tools you need to design and scale your perfect atmosphere with our background music for pubs.

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Dynamic digital signage.

Digital signage provides an impactful way to communicate with customers and showcase what’s on offer. Capture attention with the most timely food and drink promotions, display a digital menu board and integrate with background music to create a slick audio-visual experience. Whether you have 5 screens or 5,000, our digital signage system supports easy scheduling and management of static or video content, allowing you to tailor your displays to work perfectly for every time and day of the week.

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Powerful sport promotion.

To truly tap into the opportunities live sport provides to pubs and bars, you need a platform to broadcast, promote and hype up events. Startle Arena was designed to do just that. An add on to our digital signage solution, Startle Arena provides a dynamic schedule of content that will both entertain customers in your venue at the time, and encourage them to return on match days.

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Premium DJ mixes.

Ultimate DJ brings pubs and bars a premium dance music solution that unites the unparalleled expertise of club and radio DJs, editors, and producers. Pulling experience and data from a multitude of gigs and performances, Ultimate DJ delivers the best in DJ content to your venue, flawlessly, without the price tag of a live DJ. With support from BBC Radio, Kiss & Capital, we deliver explosive music mixes that create a lively, unbeaten atmosphere.

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Rock and Roll Bingo.

Rock and Roll Bingo is a self-working music bingo game designed for pubs and bars to give their customers a stellar night of entertainment. Not only is it a much-loved game across the country, but it's host-free, played on customers’ own devices around a table, and incredibly easy to just plug-in-and-go, with the pre-recorded host running the game for you. It even integrates with our music and signage solutions to build an elevated, 360° game atmosphere.

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Atmosphere monitoring.

With Startle's first-of-its-kind atmosphere monitoring tool, you can gain invaluable insight into how the environment of your venues changes over time. And more importantly, how this impacts areas like sales, footfall and other customer behaviours. By bringing data on your bars’ busyness, energy, temperature and local weather together in one place, you can get a better view than ever of how they measure up - whether comparing by time, daypart, or site to site.

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Customers believed we had an actual DJ!

Startle has been great for our pub. The biggest difference is with Ultimate DJ. It has been an invaluable tool in shaping our later night offerings. Customers believed we had an actual DJ! We have seen an increase in revenue on Saturdays too since introducing cabaret and Ultimate DJ. It has been nothing short of amazing and I'm very happy to have it on site.

Alan Stuart

Manager, City Of Quebec

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Manager, City Of Quebec

Startle helps each pub to deliver their message, their way

Our pubs range from community pubs to hybrid high street venues in town centres, so each of them has a unique identity and needs entertainment and offers relevant to its local environment. It is vital that our suppliers can offer each pub a bespoke package to help them drive sales and become a go to destination. Startle helps each pub to deliver their message, their way. We are delighted to use them for our music, digital signage and sports promotion.

Gary Roberts

Operations director

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Operations director

A huge support in creating the right atmosphere and ambience

We deliver multiple occasions to consumers and it's important to have a system that can support different times and events. Startle enables us to create atmosphere and content relevant to the time of day and audience as well as showcase what else we have to offer. Particularly during our sporting occasions the ability to have tailored content that enhances the fans experience is a huge support in creating the right atmosphere and ambience.

Hayley Pipe

Head of Group Marketing & Sales

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Head of Group Marketing & Sales

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