Sport promotion for pubs & bars.

Bring automated sport promotion and ever-changing entertainment to your customers with Startle Arena, the sport channel specially designed for pubs and bars.

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An all-inclusive sports platform.

Live sport has played a pivotal role in many pubs for decades; the friendly banter, the edge-of-your-seat moments, the roar of cheers and smug commiserations. And despite the many challenges the hospitality industry is facing, there is a clear appetite for live sport in pubs. In fact, a recent study found that 73% of sports watching pub goers are visiting pubs to watch sport more or the same as they were 12 months ago.

But to keep on top of promoting sports fixtures - update assets, print, assemble, take down, repeat - and extend the entertainment beyond a 90-minute match requires a lot of time and energy, and we all know pub managers are busy enough. To tap into the opportunities live sport provides to pubs and bars you need a platform that takes care of your promotions, automatically updating with fresh, relevant content that’s customised to the pub’s location. Startle Arena was designed to do just that.

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Modern match promotion.

Specifically built for pubs and bars, Startle Arena provides a slick, modern way to promote upcoming matches showing in your venues. This digital service was designed to remove the headache of keeping sport promotions fresh with posters and flyers, which quickly become out of date before they’re torn down and thrown in the bin.

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Viral videos.

Combining recent sports statistics with entertaining content and promotional videos from the main UK and worldwide broadcasters, Startle Arena creates a TV ‘hub’ for all things sport. Content is automatically updated - with up to 35 new videos every day - so you can enjoy a constantly refreshed service that requires minimal management.

Competitions we support.

Premier League

EFL Championship


Scottish Cup

Scottish Premiership

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Europa League

UEFA Nations League

Six Nations Championship

Autumn National Series the EUROS and World Cup tournaments.

Fresh sport content for your venues.

52% of people that regularly watch live sport stated that their main reason for visiting a pub to watch sport was because of a better atmosphere. So, let’s forget long-winded sports news broadcasts. Show your customers a great time with a blend of short-form content that’s more visually engaging and better suited to a vibrant pub atmosphere.

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Build game day excitement with pre-match stats, and give fans plenty to talk about after the final whistle with post-match analysis.

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From thrilling sports highlights to brain-tickling trivia to viral videos, our variety of content ensures your customers can enjoy every last minute.

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Showcase your special events, deals, or mouth-watering menu items with customisable ad space on Arena.

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Save your teams the time and hassle of ordering, assembling and updating messy print materials.

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Enjoy automatically updating content, delivered to your venue’s screens every day. Your displays will never go out of date.

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Get consistency across all of your sites with our default Arena displays, or opt for our branded service to make the channel fully yours.

Keep things interesting with constantly updating sport visuals.

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"Taking the pressure off your staff with automatically updating content every day, customised to your location? Game changing."

Chris Turner

Account Director

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Display (almost) anything you want.

Our digital signage platform is an intelligent thing. We know there may be other types of content you want to show in your locations, but don’t have the means to do so. With Startle’s Takeover functionality, you can use our API to schedule HTML on screens for both dynamic content or integration into external services. Show the weather, train times or news, or integrate with other entertainment systems to bring them to life on your screens, integrating seamlessly with your own content. With our highly flexible signage solution, you can do (almost) anything.

Integration across your entire atmosphere.

An add-on to our digital signage system, Startle Display, Arena runs from the same ultra-reliable hardware as our background music service. Our Player simply connects to your screens via HDMI to bring content to life. Once you’re up and running, you can control the content across your screen estate from our intuitive cloud based user platform, Studio. With music, signage and more, all managed from one place, we’ve made it easy for all of your tech to work together. Audio from your videos can be set to integrate seamlessly with your music schedule, fading product ads or announcements up at your chosen times, and back to your usual music schedule once finished. Easy.

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Our pubs range from community pubs to hybrid high street venues in town centres, so each of them has a unique identity and needs entertainment and offers relevant to its local environment. It is vital that our suppliers can offer each pub a bespoke package to help them drive sales and become a go to destination. Startle helps each pub to deliver their message, their way. We are delighted to use them for our music, digital signage and sports promotion.

Gary Roberts

Operations director

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