Background Music for Restaurants.

Music to make them eat slow, eat fast, eat dessert, eat to the beat, eat sleep rave repeat.

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What’s a great restaurant customer experience?

Something customers tell friends about. Like being on a first date and discovering you both have the same taste in music via the perfect playlist. It elevates a brand to distinction, with the atmosphere of all sites harmonising in unison. Ultimately it improves your bottom line.


But that’s where we can help. Music isn’t all we know, but it’s in our soul, and when blended with tech and our knowledge of behavioural science we create branded restaurant solutions and experiences that sync perfectly in tune with your business objectives.

Behavioural Science in action, at the dining table

Expectancy Theory, how our expectations of a product or service influence how we feel about what we experience, is often seen in evidence in restaurants, as presentation is just as important as the food. Expectations can generate as much value as the actual dish, a value which can be generated from the crockery and cutlery used by a restaurant, for example.




  • brand distinctiveness
  • cover control
  • responsive atmospherics
  • repeat custom
  • brand consistency
  • top of mind
  • driving spend
  • increased dwell time
  • throughput control

Tell me more, tell me more - What does a great restaurant experience look like?

Taking something that can be seen as a commodity and turning it into a major driving factor to your restaurant brand’s bottomline. It’s getting music and atmosphere on your team and in all your restaurants.

Imagine a busy restaurant where the atmosphere is monitored automatically, measuring noise levels and magically adjusting music, displays and lighting responsively, whilst the staff keep doing what they do best. Plate up and pump up the volume.

We call it music+.

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Startle certainly is the best

Startle is the perfect partner for the design and installation of my audio systems. Their expert engineering teams provide site-specific recommendations that always deliver the most amazing sound quality. They also provide me with a number of bespoke playlists that are constantly refreshed with new and exciting music, which means the service is loved by both my staff and customers. I cannot recommend their services highly enough. Having tried the rest, Startle certainly is the best.

Mike Racz

Owner / Franchisee at Domino's Pizza

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Owner / Franchisee at Domino's Pizza

Proved to be the perfect partner

Startle has proved to be the perfect partner for Pizza Pilgrims, embracing all of our ideas for using music and technology to enhance our pizzerias. Our playlist management has improved massively, but the custom integrations we've been able to build in are the most exciting part. On top of this, the support we receive is super responsive and I know we can rely on the Startle team for quick, 1-to-1 help whenever we need it.

Thom Elliot


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