Background Music for Shops & Retail Stores.

Music for browsing, for buying, for sales and splurges, for bags and baskets and buy buy Miss American Pie.

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What’s a great retail customer experience?

Something customers tell friends about. Like their favourite song coming on as they try on some new jeans in the changing rooms. It elevates a brand to distinction, with the atmosphere of all sites harmonising in unison. Ultimately it improves your bottom line.


But that’s where we can help. Music isn’t all we know, but it’s in our soul, and when blended with tech and our knowledge of behavioural science we create branded retail store solutions and experiences that sync perfectly in tune with your business objectives.

Behavioural Science in action, in-store

Scarcity, the tendency of things to become more appealing when they are in limited numbers, is often seen in evidence within Retail. From limited edition trainers, launched in partnership with a pop star (Cardi B and Reebok, or Led Zeppelin and Vans, for example), to temporary menu items from McDonald’s. Such items can drive demand, heighten media coverage, and ultimately drive more people to stores.




  • brand distinctiveness
  • cover control
  • responsive atmospherics
  • repeat custom
  • brand consistency
  • top of mind
  • driving spend
  • increased dwell time
  • throughput control

Tell me more, tell me more - What does a great retail store experience look like?

Taking something that can be seen as a commodity and turning it into a major driving factor to your retail brand’s bottomline. It’s getting music and atmosphere on your team and in all your shops.

Picture interactive screens that empower customers to creatively engage with products and capturing imaginations whilst your atmosphere responsively adapts throughout the day based on your business needs minute to minute. Increase dwell, drive spend, nudge repeat custom… it’s all possible.

We call it music+.

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We are really happy with Startle's personal touch

Startle worked closely with us to tailor make a playlist that is perfect for our customers and our store colleagues. They really invested in understanding Charles Tyrwhitt as a brand and used this to create a strong and varying playlist that matched our customers shopping habits throughout the day.

Nicola Wright

Visual Merchandising Coordinator

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Visual Merchandising Coordinator

Exceeded our expectations

Startle have consistently been a great support to our stores. From their content management, music profiling and technical support, Startle have enabled us to create a seamless shopping atmosphere across our full store estate.

Iris McSweeney

Marketing Manager

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Marketing Manager

Brands that sound better with Startle

Heard enough?

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