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Properly profiled music curated by our foot tappin’, head bobbin’ experts. Blending artificial intelligence with actual intelligence to drive your desired behaviour through science-backed soundtracks.

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Music is powerful, but using it with intention takes skill.

We all know that music can change our moods. But its power is much larger than just that; it can change the way we move, how we behave, our perception of time, our reading of a brand or influence our purchase decisions.

With a balance of behavioural science, data-driven tech and music professionals who are absolute experts in their field, we are able to predict the likely physical, emotional and behavioural impact of music. This is where we’re truly able to harness the power of background music and use it with intention, because without behavioural science and data all you’re left with is some nice music and wishful thinking.

Brands that sound better with Startle

More than a soundtrack to me.

Getting your retail or hospitality music pitch-perfect starts with your business objectives - from increasing covers or dwell time, to driving repeat custom. Your objectives aren’t just nice-to-haves, so we make sure your music isn’t either.




  • brand distinctiveness
  • cover control
  • responsive atmospherics
  • repeat custom
  • brand consistency
  • top of mind
  • driving spend
  • increased dwell time
  • throughput control

Flexible plans to suit you.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to background music. Each brand is different, and we therefore need to start by looking at the context of your environment and what the music needs to achieve. You may want a fully bespoke music service, curated and managed by our music experts from the ground up. Or, perhaps you want to take the reins and manage music yourself from our atmosphere curation platform, Studio. Whatever your requirements, we’ll give you the tools you need to design your perfect atmosphere.

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Multimillion track library

What you want, baby we got it... our music library contains every style and genre that you could imagine, from RnB to Acid Jazz (whatever that is).

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Professional playlists

100-odd mood, genre and behaviour-based playlists ready to use in your business. Perfect for an automatically up to date, low maintenance approach.

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Flexible scheduling

Enjoy full flexibility to schedule playlists for your desired days and times. Do it all from your laptop, tablet, or our intelligent mobile app.

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Our team are Cannes Lions accredited in behavioural science, giving us the superpower to predict the likely physical, emotional and behavioural impact of the music.

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Quality assured

Our music is encoded at the highest quality and is fully-licensed for business use. We're also ISO 9001 accredited for our quality management systems.

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Our background music solutions were designed to work with the complex requirements of enterprise businesses. Account Management, multisite control, detailed reporting, Single Sign-On - it’s all there.


Adam Castleton

- CEO at Startle Music

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Built to go further.

Your business’s physical locations are your staging area. The cornerstone of experience and atmosphere. When we bring music together with other tech, we can create a more memorable experience that helps to create differentiation and brand distinctiveness. For example, connecting background music to digital signage to have audio from videos take over the speakers at times you choose. Or using our Atmosphere sensors to automate music volume in line with busyness, ensuring playlists always have the desired impact, no matter how crowded or quiet your venue. Maximise the potential of your background music with integrations and automations in all the right places.

Digital signage

Seeing is believing. Engaging your customers through vibrant visual displays can be a game-changer in your retail or hospitality experience. Enter Startle’s cloud-based digital signage system.

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Atmosphere monitoring

Your environment is ever changing. Knowing how this impacts the rest of your business is key to making sure your atmosphere always hits the spot.

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Say hello to Studio, our enterprise platform that makes your atmosphere work harder.

Studio gives you the power to replicate a perfectly curated atmosphere across an entire estate, all from a single platform. Use the dashboard to see a snapshot of how all of your sites are performing, and control them with single-click actions. Schedule, edit and audition playlists with a few taps. We built Studio to be easy and intuitive, so you can pick it up and start controlling the atmosphere immediately.

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Jammin’ till the jam is through.

What music could you be playing to achieve your objectives? Try our free Rehearsal Room to get tasters of songs we’d recommend for influencing dwell-time, driving spend and soothing customer moods.

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We are really happy with Startle's personal touch

Startle worked closely with us to tailor curate playlists that are perfect for our customers and our store colleagues. They really invested in understanding Charles Tyrwhitt as a brand and used this to create a strong and varying soundtrack that matched our customers shopping habits throughout the day.

Nicola Wright

Visual Merchandising Coordinator

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Visual Merchandising Coordinator

Heard enough?

Get in touch to start playing your customers the kind of background music that creates those hair-tingling moments.

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