Our algorithm is a dancer.

Music has the power to shape emotions and behaviour towards commercial objectives.

We make it easy for brands to harness this power to strike the right chords with customers.

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Our expertly curated playlists, backed by cutting-edge tech and behavioural science, transform any atmosphere into something truly magical.

Created from our multimillion track library covering every style and genre, our music is encoded at the highest quality and is fully licensed for business use.

Our experts are equipped with tools to make them superhuman. Our library is analysed with advanced algorithms: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning backed up by behavioural science, giving us the superpower to understand neuro responses to particular tracks and the sentiment of lyrics, meaning not only better curated playlists to suit your unique business, but direct control over the commercial impact of your music for a greater competitive advantage.

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Our cutting-edge platform, Studio, is web-based, cloud-hosted and app-controlled. It's equally at home on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Studio gives clients the power to replicate a perfectly curated atmosphere across an entire estate. What other state of the art system allows you to fade down the lights and increase the volume as the sun is setting?

Designed for multi-site operators with complex requirements, Studio brings optimum flexibility and enterprise security to the party. It also includes Tune-Up, a world-first innovation that reports live to the user how to boost customer experience in the moment and lower the carbon footprint of each site over the long-term.


Sectors we work in

We're proud to work with some amazing brands across a wide range of sectors.

Music for retail

The music played in-store can directly influence buying behaviour. Let us show you how.

Music for Restaurants

Music can influence dwell-time, throughput and even how food tastes. Getting it right is key.

Music for Cafés

Experts believe that cafes of the future will rely of technology to curate pitch-perfect experiences. Get ahead of the curve.

Music for Pubs

Offer more than food and drink. Deliver a pitch-perfect experience that gets the tills ringing.

Music for Bars

Quality of the overall experience is one of the most important success factor for bars. Make sure you deliver.

Music for Hotels

Customers are looking for a pitch-perfect experience for all the senses. We’ve got you covered.