Atmosphere Monitoring.

Your environment is ever changing. Knowing how this impacts the rest of your business is key to making sure your atmosphere always hits the spot.

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Invaluable insight into your environment.

With Startle's first-of-its-kind atmosphere monitoring tool, retail and hospitality businesses can gain invaluable insight into how the environment of your locations changes over time. And more importantly, how this impacts areas like sales, footfall and other customer behaviours. Our pre-transactional data can help you close the loop on customer journeys and learn what happens in the run up to a purchase.

After all, each of your locations is unique, and keeping on top of the needs of each is a big task for anyone. By bringing data on your locations’ busyness, energy, temperature and local weather together in one place, you can get a better view than ever of how they measure up - whether comparing by time, daypart, or site to site. And the best part? You’ll have visibility over your entire estate from the comfort of your desk (or sofa, if it’s one of those days).

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Brands that sound better with Startle

Blue sensor illustrationOur discreet sensor

A 360° view of every location.

By installing our discrete sensors, we record over 10,000 atmospheric metrics per day to offer closed-loop reporting on historic events. What’s more, we’ve injected intelligent machine learning to be able to predict your future trends and allow you to make realtime atmosphere adjustments.

Within Studio, our enterprise-grade user platform, you'll have ongoing records of busyness, energy, temperature and the weather, all accessible from one neatly designed dashboard. See when a location's busiest period is, if it was quieter than usual last week, or whether the temperature inside was comfortable enough during that cold spell.

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Insight to fine-tune your operations.

Not only did we design this product to help you optimise your atmosphere, but this data dashboard can become your operations team’s new best friend.

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Understanding your trading patterns will facilitate better planning by ensuring you’re not over or understaffed. Get a real view of when your teams need the extra support.

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See how your revenues correlate with aspects like footfall and special events to understand what’s driving or impacting your sales or if you have any missed opportunities.

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Your temperature monitor will allow you to make sure your locations are at a comfortable level while ensuring you’re not overspending on heating or air conditioning.

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Get a better hold of operating compliance by monitoring activity around opening and closing times as well as noise levels.

Auto adjust your atmosphere.

Having an accurate picture of your retail or hospitality environment enables us to optimise your music and tech experience for every time, day and trading pattern through our intelligent integrations...

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Volume always at the optimum level

In a study into hospitality trends, noise levels were the most common complaint. By automating volume changes so that music levels adapt alongside busyness, you can be confidently in control of your atmosphere without having to distract your busy onsite teams.

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Playlists that adapt to the environment

With music features like the tempo and sentiment having a significant impact on customer behaviour, you may want to change the vibe as your store or restaurant gets busier. Or, maybe you want to proactively encourage activity - a second coffee or longer browsing time, perhaps. Drive this automatically from your Startle system for the ultimate curated atmosphere.

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Relevant signage content, always

Manually updating digital signage is a time-consuming task. Equally, your displays need to stay relevant to be effective. If you have signage by Startle, it works beautifully together by allowing you to set rules that change what’s on your in-store screens depending on aspects such as the weather or footfall.

Nailed it from the get-go

Finding our brand sound has been an exciting and interesting journey, and the help that we've had from the guys at Startle has been super valuable. We have to hand it to them, they nailed it from the get-go and we've been happily bopping away to these playlists ever since!

Hattie Shaw

Marketing Manager

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