May 5, 2021

It’s time to Get Up Again!

Hundreds of pubs expected to roll up to claim their free month of Rock and Roll Bingo.

After launching our Rock and Roll Bingo giveaway, we’re delighted to see a strong industry response. The interest in the giveaway has sparked a flurry of new pubs signing up for Rock and Roll Bingo with hundreds of pubs across the UK expected to join the national celebratory game on Friday 21 May at 8pm as well as hosting games throughout their first month of indoor service.

The offer is one month entirely free of Rock and Roll Bingo, with no contracts or card details needed, you can sign up in a few minutes.

Watch our step-by-step guide on how to sign up

Alex O’Neill, operating manager at Boar’s Head (Hawthorn), said:

“We can’t wait to reopen and I’m confident Rock and Roll Bingo will be really popular. It’s the perfect entertainment for customers returning to the pub;  some much-needed light relief after these months of lockdown that brings people of all ages together and, for people who might be feeling cautious about social contact, the fact that it’s Covid-safe is a big plus.

I’m planning to host regular Rock and Roll Bingo nights in the pub using the free games, and expecting around 40-50 customers to take part, with a bar tab as a prize for the winner.  We’ve been running it weekly on Facebook during lockdown and it’s been popular, but it’ll be more fun in the pub as we can play the music through our system and have some banter in the break between games.

The National Game on 21 May will be a great way to mark our indoor opening that week, so we’ll definitely be promoting that to customers and expecting a good turnout – and a great night!”

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It’s time to Get Up Again!
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