+ Future: building a positive future.

+ Future is the acknowledgement of our role in creating a better future and our commitment to having a positive impact.

Within + Future we focus on three key areas: People, Planet and Practices


We are committed to being a positive force in people's lives. From our employees and our clients, to supporting important social causes.


We recognise the power of collective action and drive towards making Startle's impact on the natural environment a positive one.


We acknowledge our choice to operate as an ethical and sustainable business and commit to put our values into action.

What has led us here?

Startle was founded with the desire to be a positive company built in. Since it’s conception, having a positive impact on the world has always been a consideration in how we operate and the choices we make. Here is a quick snapshot of some of the things we are proud to have achieved to date:

  • We've offset our employees carbon footprint (including emissions from their home, holidays, travel and food)
  • In 2020 we planted a total of 11,565 trees to aid reforestation projects
  • We've raised over £14,000 for the British Heart Foundation kayaking the entire length of the River Thames
  • We support all of our staff with paid leave to volunteer or give blood
  • We've received The Planet Mark for our dedication to ethical and sustainable work practices

What's next?

Whilst we are proud of our achievements to date, we know that we can do more. That's why we’ve set up + Future, a company initiative that we will use to drive forward a positive future.

Below is an outline of our plans for 2021:

- Building on our previous fundraiser events, we will be running another fundraising event for The British Heart Foundation.
- We will review all internal policies and work towards expanding our employer experience.
- Reduce the environmental impact of our product packaging.
- Launch a Electronic Vehicle Salary Sacrifice Scheme.
- Continue our Planet Mark commitments to reducing our environmental impact year-on-year.
- Expand our staff training budget and build greater personal development goals into our work cycle.
- Seek more opportunities to make a positive difference and celebrate being a future positive company.


I'm proud to have built Startle into what it is today. Our team doesn't have to commute, we run on energy efficient hardware that's manufactured in the UK, our Norwich office is a certified Passivhaus, and we are aiming to be fully Carbon Negative. But we are keen to do even more. + Future is a pledge that the whole company is behind and I'm thrilled to see my vision of a business-for-good come to fruition.

Adam Castleton
CEO of Startle Music