Why Startle Music

Startle Music gives retail brands the choice, quality and control they need to create the perfect atmosphere in their stores. Designed for business use, our professional retail music system delivers high-quality audio and a host of convenient features that make it the ideal music solution for busy store managers.

With a multimillion-track music library, over 100 curated playlists and the ability to create your own, Startle Music has all the necessary tools for building a great soundtrack for your retail brand. And to ensure this remains fresh, we update our music library weekly to give you plenty of choice and flexibility.

How it works

Startle Music is powered by our multifunctional hardware, the Startle Player. This plugs straight into your network router and amplifier to deliver high-quality audio. Instead of just streaming music, our system stores your music locally and your settings in the cloud. This provides a more reliable music solution that won’t falter if your internet fails, and enables automatic updates overnight.

With Startle Music, you can manage your in-store music whenever and wherever you want. Your online account is accessible via desktop, tablet or mobile devices, so scheduling and making changes to your music is quick and easy. You can even set permissions for your team members, or manage multiple locations from one account to ensure a consistent soundtrack.

Main Benefits

Picture of Create your perfect retail soundtrack service feature

Create your perfect retail soundtrack

Create your own playlists from scratch, or choose from over 100 readymade compilations from every style and genre.

Picture of Gain maximum control over what’s playing service feature

Gain maximum control over what’s playing

Manage your music from a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Skip and block tracks, adjust the volume and change playlists instantly.

Picture of Never worry about going offline service feature

Never worry about going offline

Powered by lightweight hardware, your reliable Startle Music system will continue to play even if you experience network issues.

Key Features

Whether you want full control over your music or simply a great choice of playlists for your stores, our range of features enables a low maintenance music solution. With high-quality tracks, 24/7 Relentless Support and the necessary business licenses taken care of, your store managers can concentrate on running your business.

Retail Success

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"Startle went beyond our requests for a good music and signage solution and presented a bespoke, forward-thinking technology strategy. Coupled with their commitment to excellent service, they really stood out amongst other providers and have exceeded our expectations so far."

Phil Whittle

Retail Director at schuh