Rock and Roll Bingo

Get your pub singing from the rafters with a new, digital twist on bingo.

Rock and Roll Bingo is a self-working music bingo game packed with the most toe-tappin’, bum wigglin’ sing-alongs, specifically designed for pubs to give their customers a stellar night of entertainment.

Not only is it a much-loved game across the country, but it's host-free, played on punters' own devices around a table, and incredibly easy to just plug-in-and-go with the pre-recorded host running the game for you!

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Phone showing the game screen
Tablet showing the Rock and Roll Bingo game scheduler

How it works

Rock and Roll Bingo games are scheduled through the Startle Studio platform and work seamlessly with your Startle Music schedule. Just set the times you want games to run and they'll launch automatically, with the pre-recorded host taking it from there. Don’t worry - it’ll revert back to your playlists when the game is finished.

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Every genre you could ask for

We’ve jam-packed Rock and Roll Bingo with over 50 genres and themes of music. Choose to bring back the 80s to your pub, celebrate the Best Of Disco or Musicals, or welcome your Irish friends with our St Patrick’s Day game. There’s enough to keep your customers entertained throughout the year, with new genres being added every month too!

Easy-peasy play for customers

Players will be up and running with Rock and Roll Bingo in minutes…

  • 1

    Players download the Rock and Roll Bingo app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • 2

    They register as a user and find your pub listed under 'Play in a pub'.
  • 3

    When a game is due to start, players enter the 'waiting room'. From here the game will begin and their phones become the bingo scorecard, with players ticking off songs as they hear them through the overhead system.
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"With modern technology having advanced so much, there are less and less people going out of the house to be entertained. Rock and Roll Bingo proves that people still want to come out of the house and meet their friends, family and partners at the pub!"

The Copper Rose, Sunderland

The fun doesn’t stop there

As a Rock and Roll Bingo customer, you can now switch up your entertainment with two additional games; Brain Box Bingo and Bar Room Bingo.

Brain Box Bingo is a bingo inspired quiz game with a mixture of general knowledge and themed rounds such as Top Soaps, Comedy and Football. As with Rock and Roll Bingo, the aim is to be the first player to win a Line followed by a Full House. You might be a general knowledge know-it-all but if the answers aren’t on your scorecard you can’t mark it off! Brain Box Bingo is a balance of both knowledge and luck.

Bar Room Bingo brings players a traditional numbers-based bingo game, voiced by some of the most recognisable characters in the entertainment world. It’s back to the classic known and loved format with this one, though players love the modernised bingo lingo; Amazon Prime - 49, Dumbledore - 64… we could go on and on!