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Curating perfectly branded atmospheres is hard, scaling it consistently across an estate is, well, harder. Our tech makes good vibrations across your estate feel easy like Sunday morning.

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Music is just the beginning.

...perfectly curated music that adjusts automatically to crowd-density, with responsive lighting that complements the time of day and weather conditions, interactive screens that empower customers to creatively engage with products, automatically serving timely ads, and capturing imaginations with live displays which can adapt the music and lighting accordingly for digital demos or performative installations… all replicated across your entire estate.

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Behavioural research

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Behavioural research

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Brands that sound better with Startle

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Responsive atmosphere.

Turn each individual site into a living atmosphere that naturally adjusts itself to the keep everything pitch-perfect. Take that across your sites and you’ll have a network of microcosms that never miss the mark.

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Crowd density

There are many factors that the density of crowding impacts, from music volume to store layout and design. Learn how people actually interact with your spaces and respond accordingly.

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Any site manager has an endless list of jobs to complete to make the customer experience a good one, but getting the lighting spot-on, such as automatically adjusting the lighting levels based on time of day, doesn’t have to be one of them.

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App integrations

An app is a key brand touchpoint that can be supercharged when fully integrated. Imagine a personalised message or track when entering a store, or redeeming a loyalty scheme voucher...

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POS & pay and order

Maximise your sales and marketing efforts and captivate customers to increase awareness of your products, news, events and promotions.

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Digital signage

Data that’s left in silos goes to waste. Connecting all data points ensures you make decisions on the bigger picture, not just a part of it.

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Timely integrations

It’s true that context is king. Making your atmosphere responsive to time of day and weather integrations can maximise the timeliness of your product placement and delivery of ads.

“Scaling an experience that hits all the right notes is a balance of art and science. AND FOR THIS, WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK.”

Adam Castleton

- CEO at Startle Music

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Want to change the World?
There’s nothing to it.

Once you’ve created a branded atmosphere, replicating this at scale for real brand consistency is a science we’ve mastered. Not only will this give you a responsive atmosphere at scale, but also a powerful network to test and scale even the most specific adaptations.

What is the most effective music tempo to keep your afternoon covers turning at the right rate? Does a 10% boost in lighting intensity increase evening curb appeal and footfall?

Take a complex network of sites and turn them into an engine of brand, sales and marketing activity all from a single platform.

Say hello to Studio, our enterprise platform that makes your atmosphere work harder.

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I have been waiting for a music and signage service like this for years. Current music but in-keeping with the Lloyds brand, I feel like it is driving repeat business as the customers are actually enjoying the music.

Anthony Thomas

Lloyds; The Hedley Verity pub

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