Integrates easy like Sunday morning.

Integrating your music and atmosphere with other technology touch-points can raise the roof on the in-store customer experience.

All from a single platform.


Music is just the beginning of what we do.


Interactions can be magical and leave lasting impressions. Imagine a touchscreen jukebox, take-home playlists, or giving your customers a personalised celebratory moment when they redeem something from your loyalty scheme. The options are endless!


Amplify your audio announcements by making sure they are in sync with the environment as part of a balanced and dynamic experience. Create your own brand radio station, increase customer engagement, and keep your messaging front-of-mind.

Digital signage

Power your screens and sync your audio to enhance your displays with the most relevant and eye-catching content that changes responsively according to your music, time of day or weather. Maximise your sales and marketing efforts and captivate customers to increase awareness of your products, news, events and promotions.

The Marketplace

+The marketplace
  • No brand wants yet another silo of data. With your entire ecosystem being controlled through one central platform, we help you achieve coherence with a fully integrable service keeping everything in one place.

    Why? Because this is where the magic happens...

    ... perfectly curated music that adjusts automatically according to crowding (to increase dwell time when it’s quiet, or reduce it when it’s busy), with responsive lighting that complements the time of day and weather conditions, interactive screens that empower customers to creatively engage with products, automatically serving timely offers, and capturing imaginations with live displays which can adapt the music and lighting accordingly for digital demos or performative installations.

    Curating an experience that hits all the right notes is about harmony and integration. And for this, we’ve got your back.

I have been waiting for a music and signage service like this for years. Current music but in-keeping with the Lloyds brand, I feel like it is driving repeat business as the customers are actually enjoying the music. Signage is fabulous and takes all the pain away.

Anthony Thomas
Lloyds; The Hedley Verity pub
Lloyds; The Hedley Verity pub