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Up your live sport game for the Euros. Get automatically updating sport promotion and entertaining digital signage content all day long with Startle Arena.

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The sports channel specially designed for pubs and bars.

Staying on top of promoting football fixtures - update assets, print, assemble, take down, repeat - and building the entertainment into more than a 90-minute match requires a lot of time and energy, and we all know pub managers are busy enough.

Startle Arena brings pubs and bars a digital signage platform that’ll take care of your Euros promotions, automatically updating with fresh, relevant content every day that’s customised to the pub’s location, so pub managers don’t have to lift a finger.

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Brands using Startle Arena

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Automatically updating content

35 new videos a day keep the boring broadcasts away. That’s how much fresh sports content Arena provides. Whether it’s match promotions, latest football news or next week’s fixtures, you’ll never worry about your content expiring.

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Promotions that manage themselves

With next-to-no management by your staff required, you can do less of the admin and more of the pint-pulling. Arena is designed to run itself, so you and your team don’t need to faff around with soggy flyers and tatty table talkers.

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Deliver the ultimate live sport experience

Turn each 90-minute match into an immersive football experience with viral entertainment that’ll make punters stay long after the final whistle. More entertainment. More dwell-time. More drinks sold. What’s not to like?

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Works alongside your branded promotions

As Startle Arena is a feature of Startle Display, the sports related content can appear alongside your own branded content. Think 'Breaking News', followed by your Friday beer and a burger deal. Entertainment and promotion working in harmony to satisfy customers, extend dwell and increase sales.

Keep things interesting with constantly updating sport visuals.

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Display (almost) anything you want.

Our digital signage platform is an intelligent thing, and Startle Arena is just one feature of it. We know there may be other types of content you want to show in your locations, but don’t have the means to do so. With Startle’s Takeover functionality, you can use our API to schedule HTML on screens for both dynamic content or integration into external services. Show the weather, train times or news, or integrate with other entertainment systems to bring them to life on your screens, integrating seamlessly with your own content. With our highly flexible signage solution, you can do (almost) anything.

We’re always excited when Startle brings us an innovation that can enhance our pub atmospheres further, and we can wholeheartedly recommend them as a technology partner.

Jason Lockwood

Head of Entertainment at Greene King Brewing and Retailing Limited

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Head of Entertainment at Greene King Brewing and Retailing Limited