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Around the world, around the world…

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About The World.

The World is the largest private residential yacht on Earth, with 165 residences. Allowing those aboard to explore every ocean and continent in luxurious comfort, The World is fully owned by the residents, providing an exclusive community.

Houston, we have a…

The World came to us looking for a refreshed, topical and diverse range of music to be housed in their multiple bars, restaurants, gyms and lounge spaces.

They also had the added challenge of syncing their music to their ship’s clock, as they often cross over multiple time zones in the space of a few weeks. Quite an ask!

No other music provider could calibrate the music schedules to a moving clock, whilst also ensuring the playlists were updated routinely and kept fresh, consistently providing luxury playlists across the whole ship.

They also needed the perfect partner for their digital signage - they’ve got some pretty important information and events to promote on board.

The World

This is how we do it.

The team at The World were keen to adopt a modern, consistent and reliable solution. That’s where we stepped in.

Enter our intuitive, enterprise-grade user platform and ultra-reliable hardware; the Startle Player. A palm-sized PC that’s future-proof and runs on the Cloud, and designed to manage the constant changes across the floating community. With all streams having bespoke playlists, the variety of onboard experiences is unrivalled.

We also worked with them to put in place the perfect digital signage. Managed from Startle Studio, it takes their on board marketing to another level. Whether it’s information on upcoming ports, or special events on the ship, it’s communicated in an engaging, digital and dynamic way.

And when you’re constantly moving, have no fixed address, and can be hard to reach, support can sometimes be tricky. But our Relentless Support™ team is on hand to provide around-the-clock monitoring and resolution to all their wants and needs, with no time wasted waiting for call-outs. After all, our SLAs are pretty rubbish. We smash them every month.

Whether it’s information on upcoming ports, or special events on the ship, it’s communicated in an engaging, digital and dynamic way.

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The Waterfall cover
Simple Things Cover
Sweet Side cover
Frank Cover
What’s Going On? cover
Mahogany Soul cover
Feels Like Home cover
In Between Dreams Cover
The Vintage Series: Barry Biggs cover
Corinne Bailey Rae cover
A Rush of Blood to the Head cover
Shanti cover
Hard Groove cover
Love & Hate cover

The sound.

The World Residences at Sea are one of our most unique customers, which required a collection of branded playlists for multiple areas throughout the space that mimicked the ethos of its distinctive experience. Thematically, we created a warm, rich and sophisticated musical first impression, with contemporary embellishments throughout.

Luxury and adventure are core characteristics of the brand, which linked perfectly with neo-jazz and soul selections - shown to boost perceptions of quality. Whilst a solid theme runs throughout, the style and energy of each zone differs, highlighting the significant change in atmosphere that often occurs, moving throughout the ship's numerous sections. Guests will connect with key, recognisable artists whilst also discovering new, upcoming tracks, carefully curated by our music team.

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Laidback, Chilled, Warm

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Average tempo

90 BPM

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Instrumental, Reggae, Soul

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Example artists

Dennis Brown, Barry Biggs, Marvin Gaye, Angie Stone, Amy Winehouse, Raquel Rodriquez

Look at me now.

We’re so pleased to be working with The World - their intriguing and unique brief was exciting for our team. Different music for different zones, constantly moving, and quite frankly… in the middle of the sea. That’s why we’re so pleased they’ve been nothing but thrilled with Startle’s service.

They needed a fast, effective and comprehensive system to distribute music and digital signage across the ship. We provided this with no additional installation costs, and even factored in the crossing of time zones to ensure the atmosphere was nothing but smooth sailing.

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