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Startle and schuh: A Futureproof Music and Signage Experience

Startle and schuh: A Futureproof Music and Signage Experience
Written by

Chris Turner


November 28, 2018


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A high quality, modern experience

About schuh

UK retail brand schuh have been shaking up footwear for decades.

After launching their first store in 1981, the brand has continued to bring customers new brands and footwear fashion that offers more choice, colour and diversity than its competitors.

Now a household name with over 130 stores across the UK, Ireland and Germany, schuh projects an energetic experience that goes beyond what customers expect when visiting a footwear store.

What you want...

schuh realised they were in need of a higher-quality, more modern store music solution that met their vision for customer experience; one that offers more choice and is as diverse as their products to ensure they maintain their fun, vibrant atmosphere.

Not only this, but they wanted a platform that could support vibrant digital displays. This would allow schuh to maximise their promotions and engage customers in-store through dynamic visuals, as well as a great sound.

Baby I got it!

Startle’s ability to integrate technologies and provide more than just great music was what won schuh over.

On the music side, we built a new, fresh soundtrack for schuh, curated by our professionals to match their requirements. To support this new soundtrack, we installed each schuh store with a Startle Player - our small, nifty piece of hardware that seamlessly downloads tracks locally to ensure network issues never disrupt the service.

Managed from the same single system, schuh can now also schedule eye-catching images and promotional videos in seconds, with the ability to showcase unique content on every screen, or play the same schedule nationwide. Whether it’s a new trainer ad, a brand promotion or an upcoming event, Startle’s flexible technology allows schuh to sync this with the overhead music, helping to ensure a joined-up and balanced experience.

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The experience

After a fast, seamless rollout, schuh staff have reported a huge improvement in their store ambience and overall experience. Store managers have expressed their delight at schuh's new soundtrack, and have been assisted by our 24/7 team of Relentless Support advisors - who they all rated 'Amazing!' - when they've had queries.

Startle’s technology has opened up endless opportunities for schuh to build on their solution. Their bespoke experience was designed to grow, with music just being the start. It now has the potential to expand into an experience that does beyond providing great entertainment for customers. We're thrilled to be working with schuh and are excited to see the potential for technology to create memorable experiences in retail become a reality.

The important bit...

“Startle went beyond our requests for a good music and signage solution and presented a bespoke, forward-thinking technology strategy. Coupled with their commitment to excellent service, they really stood out amongst other providers and have exceeded our expectations so far.” - Phil Whittle, Retail Director at schuh

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Startle and schuh: A Futureproof Music and Signage Experience

Chris Turner

Account Director at Startle. It's my job to look after customers and offer advice on how brands can enhance their customer experience using integrated music and technology. Often found eating, drinking and shopping (all in the name of research) in our customer's locations.

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