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About Charles Tyrwhitt.

Charles Tyrwhitt is a British multi-channel clothing retailer with nearly 40 years of heritage, specialising in timeless style dress shirts, ties, suits, casualwear, shoes and accessories. Their stores have become staples of many high street across the UK, the US and France.

Houston, we have a…

Charles Tyrwhitt had a previous partnership with a UK based music supplier, but the hardware was old-fashioned, hard to update, and created problems with customs when shipping the devices in and out of the US. So when things went wrong, stores were often left without music. This had a clear impact on both the customer and employee experience, creating a void in the stores’ atmospheres.

Charles Tyrwhitt

This is how we do it.

We were over the moon when Charles Tyrwhitt was referred to Startle by another customer. The brand was keen to implement a solution quickly, and we were excited to get things underway as swiftly as we could.

We kicked things off with a brand discovery and profiling session with our music curation team, establishing their objectives and a clear music brief. From initial contact, we shipped their nifty new hardware, the Startle Players, to stores, and had everything installed and ready to rock within 30 days.

From initial contact, we shipped their nifty new hardware, the Startle Players, to stores, and had everything installed and ready to rock within 30 days.

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Lust For Life Cover
Travelling Without Moving Cover
Tattoo You Cover
Tourist History Cover
His 'N' Hers Cover
Screamadelica Cover
I Created Disco Cover
Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not Cover
Listen Cover
Lungs Cover
These Streets Cover
Let's Dance Cover
Parklife Cover
A Different King of Fix Cover

The sound.

The story behind the brand's beginnings was an interesting one. Charles Tyrwhitt were the disruptors of a formal fashion bubble that often priced out customers or presented a pretentious, insular front. They wanted to appeal to the everyday man. The man who was often a rebel at heart, and unconventional compared to the traditional customer of Jermyn Street. Their customer was a music lover, an attendee of festivals and a follower of iconic Indie and Rock bands. So, we profiled with this persona in mind, focusing on the best artists and bands in music, both past and present, with a strong, British, rebellious theme.

Charles Tyrwhitt realised that there was power in surprising people and delivering the unexpected. Customers may be adorned in Egyptian cotton shirts and tie-pins, but authenticity and being true to oneself is of the utmost importance. We can all be many things at any given time, even if they are, at surface level, contradictory.

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Unique, Sophisticated, Edgy

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Average tempo

95 BPM

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Indie, Alternative, Pop

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Example artists

The Rolling Stones, Bombay Bicycle Club, Iggy Pop, Florence + The Machine, David Bowie, Blur, Two Door Cinema Club

Look at me now.

Charles Tyrwhitt’s music is now on a different level; perfectly in sync with the brand and their specific customer profile. We're looking forward to continuing our work with them, including music revisits to keep their playlists fresh and tech updates to ensure their experience is tip-top. And it’s fair to say they are really happy too, as you can see by the great testimonial below.

Startle worked closely with us to tailor curate playlists that are perfect for our customers and our store colleagues. They really invested in understanding Charles Tyrwhitt as a brand and used this to create a strong and varying soundtrack that matched our customers shopping habits throughout the day.

Nicola Wright

Visual Merchandising Coordinator

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