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About BEAR Coffee.

BEAR Coffee are a modern and tasty coffee brand with a focus on sustainably sourced, specialty coffee. Since their launch in 2016 they’ve opened numerous buzzing locations.

Houston, we have a…

BEAR came to us looking for a savvy music solution to fit with their fresh branding and store designs. They needed something fresh, just like them. 

They’re always thinking of ways to innovate, like transitioning from a coffee shop to a cocktail bar in the evening, so they needed flexibility too.


This is how we do it.

BEAR are a dream to work with - when we spoke with them, they provided us with a short base of playlists that they’d already created. After some great and in-depth conversations, our music team were then able to crack on and build on them, expanding and tailoring their playlists pretty perfectly. We helped them find their brand sound to support the creation of the perfect atmosphere for their customers.

We provide them with 24/7/365 support from our Relentless Support™ team, and a specific account manager (superstar James) so that if they ever run into an issue, we’re there.

In their words, we nailed it from the get-go.

We helped them find their brand sound to support the creation of the perfect atmosphere for their customers.

In their words, we nailed it from the get-go.

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Stand! cover
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill cover
Songs In The Key Of Life cover
Small Moments Cover
Off The Wall cover
Baduizm cover
Fragments Cover
Maggot Brain cover
Chaka Cover
Charlie cover
Iris cover
An Evening with Silk Sonic Cover
Now cover

The sound.

As BEAR Coffee stretches the mould of what a coffee brand can bring to the table, it was important that the music profile reflected this vibrant and forward thinking approach whilst retaining a warm familiarity.

The music at BEAR spans a wide variety of eras and styles, but each track shares common ground; a rugged kind of charm. We work hard to choose tracks that possess musical attributes that feel unwaveringly human - this could be a slight grain to the production style, a wonky rhythmic pattern, or unapologetic instrumentation, as well as using data that ensures valence levels are kept high.

This feeling of not knowing what you’re going to hear next was brought to the forefront when BEAR came to us with their plans for their venues to transition into cocktail bars in the evening. The disco, classic house and funk tracks for these occasions really help BEAR tap into the Von Restorff effect, ensuring that experiences will last long in the memory of those who hear them.

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Smooth, Funky, Warm

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Average tempo

116 BPM

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Soul, Disco, Indie

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Example artists

Ms. Lauryn Hill, Patrice Rushen, Erykah Badu, Sly & The Family Stone, Delights

Look at me now.

We now provide music for all of BEAR’s wonderful locations - their sites are now soundtracked perfectly to match their brand, with access to the easy Startle Studio to make changes when needed. The power is in their hands. They’re working on opening new exciting stores with some amazing fresh branding, and we’re supporting them all the way.

And that’s not all - because BEAR are so open to new ideas, we’ve worked with them in the launch of our atmosphere monitoring product. They were some of the first locations to have our sensors installed and provide us with feedback on things like the accuracy of data and the effectiveness of its application. 

So far we’ve heard all good things, and we’re buzzing to continue to work with them.

Finding our brand sound has been an exciting and interesting journey, and the help that we've had from the guys at Startle has been super valuable. We have to hand it to them, they nailed it from the get-go and we've been happily bopping away to these playlists ever since!

Hattie Shaw

Marketing Manager

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