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About Santander.

Santander are a British Bank, there to help you get a little more for a little less, offering current accounts, mortgages and much more.

Houston, we have a…

We were very excited when Santander approached us to build a custom music experience for their innovative Work Cafés, like the one in St Helier, Jersey.

Already a huge success in five other countries, the cafés are designed to be a modern, inclusive space for customers. Combining traditional aspects of a bank with a co-working area and coffee house, people can visit to work, surf the web, hold meetings, attend events and make financial arrangements, all in one welcoming space.

We were pleased to hear that Santander were paying equally close attention to the atmosphere built through music - a medium we’re all exposed to and impacted by, whether we know it or not. The brand expressed their desire for a day-to-day soundtrack that reflected the contemporary, relaxed environment they wanted to create in the Work Café. But they also wanted to give customers a say in the music playing during their visits, adding a new layer of engagement.


This is how we do it.

Startle built Santander a modern touchscreen solution that both powers high-quality, licensed background music, and provides a fun, tangible experience for customers. Designed to blend seamlessly into the Work Café setting, customers can interact by tapping and swiping to choose songs from a selection of playlists pre-approved by Santander.

Giving customers this level of involvement fits perfectly with the inclusive feel of the Work Café, adding an element of personalisation that will make them feel at home. The space is a great reflection of how many people work today; not being fixed to one location or working traditional 9-5 hours. As a mostly remote business ourselves, this is exactly how we work! And what this new, exciting space does best is allow people to manage their work and personal lives in a way that’s convenient for them.

Giving customers this level of involvement fits perfectly with the inclusive feel of the Work Café, adding an element of personalisation that will make them feel at home.

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The sound.

We wanted to bring a sense of relaxation and calm to the Santander Work Café with warm tones, low to mid bpm’s and natural instrumentation. Neo Soul, Indie, RnB tracks that were high in valence provided the perfect fit. For those “breakaway” moments, a staff member approached us requesting an import of their own Spotify playlist - we easily scheduled this in, giving the Santander team a chance to spike the energy and fun, at any time of the day. You know what works best for your individual site, so we’re always happy to help.

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Polished, Chilled, Content

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Average tempo

100 BPM

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Neo Soul, Indie, RnB

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Example artists

Moonchild, Robert Glasper, Yebba, Ezra Collective, Jitwam

Look at me now.

We’re so pleased to work with Santander’s Work Cafés; their music now matches the type of tone they’re trying to set, they can come to us with any suggestions and requests, their touchscreen signage encourages interaction and their atmosphere is on point.

Startle’s music solution was exactly what we were looking for. Their team worked collaboratively with Santander to create the interactive Jukebox. Our customers like the music and the way they can select the tracks using a touchscreen. The music adds to the buzz of the Work Café.

Tracy Doughty

Project Manager

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