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A fast tempo for the fast pasta masters Coco di Mama.

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About Coco di Mama.

The very first Coco di Mama opened its doors in 2011 and since then, the chain has gone from strength to strength. They now have stores in over 145 locations, making them the masters of fast pasta. Coco di Mama is also part of The Azzurri Group, one of the UK's largest and most successful casual dining businesses.

Houston, we have a…

The Azzurri Group approached us as their existing music supplier contracts were coming up for renewal across their three (very different) brands, including Coco di Mama. They had several different music providers across the group but they didn’t have the benefits of group purchasing, and there were inconsistencies in the quality of service, such as a lack of updates and the constant repetition of tracks. This repetition of tracks was a particularly big problem for staff morale; employees would often know what time of day it was purely from hearing a particular track!

Coco Di Mama

This is how we do it.

Coco di Mama wanted a single solution that they could roll out across the group, yet would allow them and the other Azzurri brands to uphold their distinctiveness.

Startle struck up concurrent and individual project installation and music curation conversations with each of the three brands, with our Creative Director and music master, James, taking a detailed music brief to get the ball rolling.

Coco di Mama wanted a single solution that they could roll out across the group, yet would allow them and the other Azzurri brands to uphold their distinctiveness.

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Bourgie Bourgie Cover
Voyager Cover
Summer Lovers Cover
Leisure Cover
Melodies Cover
Marechià Cover
Gentlewoman, Ruby Man Cover
Twin Shadow Cover
Small Moments Cover
Soul Searcher Cover
Hope Cover
Every morning, Every night Cover
Funky Mother  Cover
The Chant Cover

The sound.

Coco Di Mama wanted us to “bring the pump” and showcase a selection of unique and interesting artists. Located within the buzz of Central London, the brand attracts a large custom from city and office workers looking for something filling, nutritious and quick. Coco Di Mama was conscious that customers spent a number of minutes within the store, so every song had to count. Moreover, a consistent energy across busy periods was crucial too, to keep not only customers engaged but staff motivated too.

The brand wanted a visit to Coco Di Mama to be the highlight of a customer's day, so choosing music that was a little different (in that it avoided commercial ideas) and maximum in its energy was sure to make an impact. We implemented a lot of soul, disco and remixes into each playlist that thematically fit well with the neon signs, bright tiling and sparkling effervescence of each site. A little like a club that sells coffee and food. Delicious!

Coco di Mama were keen to encourage staff interaction, so we provided them with a platform where staff could change the music by selecting tracks from an approved master playlist. Team members were also encouraged to send track requests to the head office, from which we built a playlist that they could enjoy before and after opening.

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Fresh, Unique, Exciting

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Average tempo

120 BPM

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Disco, House, Soul

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Example artists

Dan Kye, LF System, DJ Streaks, Todd Edwards, LEISURE, Friend Within, Lord Echo

Look at me now.

We’ve been working with Coco di Mama for a couple of years now, and the improvements in solution and service are clear; uniformity, control, more flexibility, enhanced staff engagement and increased cost effectiveness are to be found across their whole estate.

From my first interaction with Startle I have been very impressed with the understanding they have of what we're looking for. Creating a 'vibe' or environment within a space is something quite hard to explain but the support and reactivity they gave throughout the curation process was incredible.

Joe Gilbert

Senior Business Development & Operations Project Manager

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