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About Greene King.

Founded in 1799, Greene King is the country’s leading pub retailer and brewer, welcoming punters to over 2600 pubs, restaurants and hotels across the UK.

Houston, we have a…

Greene King’s previous music provider was dancing to a different beat. They were using a computer based system where CDs were sent out in the post (yes, they do still exist!) and music selection was nothing to raise a glass to. This kind of analogue system was hard to update quickly, offered little control and consistency across venues and, when things went wrong, there could be long maintenance waits where pubs were left without music.

Greene King

This is how we do it.

Greene King was ready for a modern, internet connected solution. Enter our intuitive, enterprise-grade user platform and ultra-reliable hardware, the Startle Player; a pint-sized PC that’s future-proof and runs from the cloud. Designed to manage the consistency (and quirks) across a whole hospitality estate. Their music, digital signage, and entertainment, all managed in one place.

Our unrivalled, industry-leading SLAs gave Greene King proactive, around-the-clock monitoring and resolution to all of their wants and needs from our support team, with no time wasted waiting for call-outs. With dedicated account management, Greene King can entirely rely on us to manage their in-venue customer experiences.

Our unrivalled, industry-leading SLAs gave Greene King proactive, around-the-clock monitoring  and resolution to all of their wants and needs…

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The 1975 Cover
Future Nostalgia Cover
In Between Dreams Cover
Frank Cover
Sunny Afternoon Cover
Harry's House Cover
The Slow Rush Cover
In Rainbows Cover
Tusk Cover
1999 Cover
Torches Cover
Plastic Beach Cover
Women in Music Part 3 Cover
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Cover

The sound.

Each brand within Greene King has something unique to offer, so we reflected this musically by treating them individually, customising their schedules and overall track selection. However, one characteristic that runs through each brand is warmth: the feeling of being content, relaxed and at ease. So, we instructed our curators to be conscious of lyrical sentiment, only choosing uplifting, positive and welcoming songs to help enhance relaxed get-togethers with friends or celebratory moments with your whole team from the office.

Energy gradually increases throughout each day to reflect the vibrancy that runs through the pubs, with Weekends being the most upbeat to create a celebratory feel.

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Classic, Warm, Relaxed

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Average tempo

95 BPM

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Pop, Indie, Alternative

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Example artists

Benny Sings, HAIM, Tame Impala, The 1975, Dua Lipa, Fleetwood Mac, Prince

What more can I do?

Greene King are hellbent on providing their customers with the best entertainment, and that doesn’t stop at our playlists. Powered by the same music system, pub-goers enjoy games of Rock and Roll Bingo - our self-working music bingo game packed with the most toe-tappin’, bum wigglin’ sing-alongs. With the standard bingo format being replaced by much-loved music clips, players tap off songs as they hear them, competing with friends and family entirely from their phones.

For those later evenings and weekends, Greene King pubs see the night through to Ultimate DJ, our premium dance music solution. Curated by a collective of renowned UK DJs and producers, Ultimate DJ brings pubs and bars hours of professionally mixed music across genres from Totally 2000s to Weekend Hits to Contemporary Chic. In challenging times where the cost of hiring live DJs can be too much, Ultimate DJ provides a high-quality alternative that can save a venue thousands each year.

Rock and Roll Bingo game and waiting room screens
Score King

I predict a…

More recently, tacking on to the sense of community and connection that sport inspires in pubs, our team of experts built the ‘Score King’ game for Greene King. Score King allows customers to engage further with the match and compete for instantly redeemable prizes by predicting match results; which team wins, and the exact score. In the first 90 days, Score King logged over 1 Million predictions and awarded over 200,000 thousand prizes!

Look at me now.

Startle’s fully integrated, one-stop-shop solution was also designed to work with Greene King’s digital signage requirements. Their Startle Player not only controls their music, but also connects to their video distribution system, meaning they can have their own TV channel for food and drink promotion. This includes Arena, an automated sports content bolt-on. Alongside sports matches, punters can see upcoming fixtures, sports news, in-game stats and more. All automated. Cheers to that, sports fans.

Our relationship with Greene King is already over 6 years strong, and we’re now exploring exciting ideas around remote control, automation and replication at scale for the future. Imagine an atmosphere that’s built to run itself, optimising the music and lighting to make sure the experience is always at its best and keeps the tills ringing. It’s all designed to help hospitality businesses ensure their atmosphere responds to the environment and always remains on point.

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