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Mind Your Business: Startle - Episode 2

Mind Your Business: Startle - Episode 2

Written by

Adam Castleton


October 20, 2023



The second episode of our three part podcast series for business leaders doing things very much their own way.

Mind Your Business is the sponsored spin-off of marketing agency ...Gasp!'s world-leading podcast, Call to Action®. It gives inspiring, unusual or simply very likeable businesses a chance to share their story. In ...Gasp!'s own words, "It’s like reading a business book with the word ‘guru’ in the title, with the single but vital exception that it won’t make you do a little sick in your mouth".

This is the second episode of our three part Mind Your Business series.

For this second episode, we've got a BOGOF of Magnus, our Music Consultant, and James, our Creative Director. 

The dynamic duo chat to Giles about:

📣 How music can influence every aspect of how we behave

📣 Why you shouldn’t view music solely as an entertainment service

📣 The science of sound

📣 Boosting bass to sell more Rolexes

📣 Dealing with a constantly changing context

📣 How to use music to say something about your brand, and tons more.

A lot of places tend to still see music solely as an entertainment service. So it’s given minimal thought when designing spaces. But the power of music in communicating other aspects of business like brand personality and tone of voice is amazing.

Time stamps:

(01:12) - An introduction to Startle, Magnus, and James

(02:50) - If you listened to Episode 1, jump here to skip the recap and get straight into Episode 2.    

(03:20) - The power of music to influence every aspect of our lives 

(06:45) - How brands can use music as an atmospheric tool 

(09:24) - The pitfalls of seeing music solely as an entertainment service

(15:26) - The science of sound and why boosting the bass could sell more Rolexes 

(19:18) - The role of context 

(28:40) - A teaser for Part 3

Find out more about our first-of-its-kind book, Atmospheres That Sell, or get in touch to speak to us about using music and behavioural science in your business.

Mind Your Business: Startle - Episode 2

Adam Castleton

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