November 27, 2020

No speakers? No problem.

We were very excited recently by a new solution we developed to support a client that had multiple sites with no music infrastructure currently set up, no amps, no speakers, nothing. Using Google Chrome casting, we created a smart and simple plug-in-and-go solution.

We are now fully Google Chromecast enabled

The Startle Player is already designed to be quick and simple to set-up and operate, and now that we support the use of Google Chromecast enabled wireless speakers it couldn’t be easier. This brand new solution, once plugged in will automatically find the Google speaker and connect to it to play the music. Not only does this mean that the set up process is simply plugging in the Startle Player and the Google speaker, but it also comes with the additional advantage of being able to control the music with your voice. Pretty neat!

‘Ok, Google - Play Startle Music’

Our client is now able to unleash our background music solution with an easy and -  compared to more traditional hardware - very affordable set up that requires no professional installation. Whilst verbal commands is a great bonus of this new integration, remaining in control is still important. That’s why each time a track is sent to the speaker it checks the volume is perfect, the track is approved and the speaker is playing, with all of this data being captured and reported in real-time in Studio - our brand new, enterprise-grade user platform. This is a fully automated, installation-free, wireless and voice-controlled solution.

This is just the beginning

As technology continues to expand the horizons of what is possible, Startle continues to push the boundaries of possibility with innovative, simple and highly adaptable solutions. Imagine a 1000sqft store with multiple voice-controlled wireless speakers; the music only plays where customers are which is responding in real-time to how busy the store is, how much dwell time you’re after, the weather, the time of year, all integrated with digital signage that is responsive to customer actions… the future is ripe with possibilities.

Looking for wireless and installation-free background music?

Let us help you transform your customer experience with this simple and highly effective plug-in-and-go, installation-free solution. Let’s talk.

No speakers? No problem.
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