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Studio: the power to replicate a perfectly curated atmosphere across an entire estate

Studio: the power to replicate a perfectly curated atmosphere across an entire estate

Written by

Shaun Potter


January 26, 2021



At a time where businesses around the world are looking to get people back into stores, cafes and restaurants on squeezed budgets, sustainable and cost-effective customer experience is going to be as important as it’s ever been.

Say Hello to Studio

Our new user platform, Studio, gives clients the power to replicate a perfectly curated atmosphere across an entire estate. It also includes a new cutting-edge and world-first innovation that reports live to the user how to boost customer experience in the moment and lower the carbon footprint of each site over the long term. The new feature is called Tune-UpTM.

Screenshots of Tune-Up and Now Playing screens in Studio

A word from our CEO, Adam Castleton:

“We are seeing a growing concern amongst business leaders for both the environment as well as the increased importance in providing exceptional customer experiences. At Startle, we too care about business impact on the planet, as well as supporting our clients to deliver the best customer experience for their customers. Tune-Up is the natural evolution of these concerns. While our industry is talking to retailers about elusive "brandscapes", we wanted to give clients the tools to give actionable insights that could have a meaningful impact on their business as they recover from the Coronavirus pandemic.”

Let us help you reach your emission targets

Tune-Up will inform a user if their system is running hot, could have improved connectivity, when their playlists are due a refresh, as well as supporting the user with automatic screen standby and lighting schedules, which will have a positive impact on both running costs and a site’s carbon footprint.

With the UK government recently setting out it's plans to reach net zero emissions by 2050, our customers can use Tune-Up™ to support their efforts to reduce emissions. Recent YouGov data suggests that whilst more than 53% of hospitality businesses have a net zero plan, only 34% have achieved any of their related goals. Tune-Up is a simple, plug-in-and-go tool that can help you reach your carbon zero targets whilst maintaining first-class customer experience.

Now Playing screen on mobile and tablet

Thoughts from Head of Development, Rob Poole:

“We are incredibly excited to be launching Studio. I am particularly proud of the new Tune-Up feature that will report live actionable feedback to improve a customers experience and could reduce both the running costs and carbon footprint of a site. With large multi-site clients, these small changes could have a huge positive impact on their site-related carbon footprint and running costs. Our product team have really come up with something the industry hasn’t seen yet.”

We launched Studio in beta in December 2020 which, alongside a web portal is also now available as an app with Enterprise Single-Sign-On and biometric login - giving users the ability to control their background music and technology on-the-go.

To see Tune-Up in action, or have a tour of Studio get in touch.

Studio: the power to replicate a perfectly curated atmosphere across an entire estate

Shaun Potter

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