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Why do hospitality brands need to look beyond just good service?

Why do hospitality brands need to look beyond just good service?

Written by

Abbie Dawson


April 7, 2022


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Whether they're big or small, it's important to look past just service.

March 2022 saw more reasons for hospitality to be positive about the future. But it does look like the lay of the market landscape has shifted a bit in the last two years.

CGA’s Drinks Recovery Tracker revealed that average sales by value in managed pubs, bars, and restaurants in the seven days to Saturday (19th March), were 7% ahead of the same week in March 2019.1

Jonathan Jones, CGA’s managing director, UK and Ireland, said that these “trading figures show the hard work of Britain’s pubs, bars, and restaurants to build back from two years of disruption is paying off.”

However, he continued, “high inflation and the end to hospitality’s VAT relief, and mounting pressure on consumers’ disposable incomes, remind us that a return to pre-Covid-19 normality is still some way off.”1

One specific sub-sector slice of the hospitality market that fared substantially worse than others in the pandemic was pizza and burger chains.

Byron, Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Italian chains Strada and Carluccio’s were among the casual dining brands forced to close dozens of sites due to the damage done by persistent lockdowns.

A net 11.4% of chain restaurants (approximately 700 outlets) have closed since March 2020, as per findings from the Local Data Company (LDC). More specifically, Italian and pizza restaurants chains reduced by a net 22% or 448 sites across two years of Covid.2

However, Gordon Ramsey (never one to mince his words), saw this period in a positive light, as it helped to clean the slate of “crap” restaurants that make the most of merely being in prime locations with amazing, impossible-to-fail footfall.

But there are also more objective signs of recovery emerging. To some degree, the pandemic has cleared a way for new names to rapidly expand, including Pizza Pilgrims (a brand we’ve worked closely with), Rosa’s Thai, and Shoryu Ramen.

Independent restaurants have also started to grow in the space left by the chains, with the number of local restaurants increasing since March 2020 – up by 3.7% or 888.2

Stefan Chomka, the editor of Restaurant magazine says, “it is not about big brands any more”, as landlords are looking to curate sites with more variety, specifically small brands consisting of fewer than five sites.

“It’s no longer good enough to just open a restaurant and serve people.”


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Heard enough?

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1Beer Today, Hospitality sales improve, but normality is ‘some way off’. 28th March 2022.

2The Guardian, ‘It’s not about big brands’: how will UK casual dining fare after Covid? 26th March 2022.

Why do hospitality brands need to look beyond just good service?

Abbie Dawson

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