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How important is a happy crew for hospitality?

How important is a happy crew for hospitality?

Written by

Abbie Dawson


May 9, 2022


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In the midst of a hospitality recruitment crisis, this is more important than ever.

Anyone who works in hospitality knows that a great, happy crew of staff is absolutely integral to giving customers a great experience; you can have all the best in-store tech and the most jaw-dropping store fit out in the world, but if the workforce is too stretched, or not trained correctly, or demotivated, then your customer experience will suffer.

So the current increase in job vacancies and talk of a recruitment crisis in the sector is clearly of some concern.

There’s still plenty of positive news about; the steakhouse concept restaurant Hawksmoor are taking their brand to Liverpool and opening their first restaurant there, while Greene King (someone Startle work closely with) have plans to double the size of their more premium pub concept, the Metropolitan Pub Company estate.1

Yet the fact is that job vacancies in the sector rose by almost 700% from November 2021​ to January 2022.2

And even more worryingly, there is evidence that the reduced number of staff in teams is starting to take its toll, with the mental health of those working in the hospitality industry being worse now than at the height of the pandemic, according to a new survey by Censuswide and hospitality marketing firm Flipdish.3

One main reason for this is the high number of vacancies in hospitality, with 45% of the nationwide respondents having to ask staff to work longer hours, the report added.

And a further kick in the teeth is the news that plans to introduce legislation prohibiting hospitality firms from taking a proportion of staff tips or service charge have been shelved, a move that the CEO of the Night Time Industries Association (NITA), Michael Kill, described as 'disappointing'.4


Clearly, a lot goes into creating a great hospitality experience, in which the staff play a vital role.

Yes, music is important, but it takes more than just music. We call it Music+.

For us at Startle, it is something customers tell friends about. It elevates a brand to distinction, with all sites harmonising in unison. Ultimately it improves your bottom line. A great music and tech solution can also make your hard-working staff’s job a bit easier.

What do we mean exactly? Well, for your own brand and business, imagine a busy restaurant where the atmosphere is monitored automatically, measuring noise levels and magically adjusting music, displays and lighting responsively, whilst the staff keep doing what they do best. Plate up and pump up the volume.

Walk this way, talk this way…

You have to walk the walk if you talk the talk, so here’s Mike Racz of Domino’s on how we helped transform their brand’s customer experience:

“Startle is the perfect partner for the design and installation of my audio systems. Their expert engineering teams provide site-specific recommendations that always deliver the most amazing sound quality. They also provide me with a number of bespoke playlists that are constantly refreshed with new and exciting music, which means the service is loved by both my staff and customers. I cannot recommend their services highly enough. Having tried the rest, Startle certainly is the best.”

Why not download for free (and with very little effort) our hospitality brochure? There is one for pubs and restaurants, as well as hotels and cafes.

And if you think we can help, we’d love to hear from you. Call us on +44 (0)203 397 7676 or drop us an email at


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3BBC website article; ‘Hospitality: London's recruitment crisis causing mental health issues’. 23rd April 2022.

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How important is a happy crew for hospitality?

Abbie Dawson

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