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A tasty music match for Domino’s.

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About Domino’s.

Founded in 1960 with the initial goal of opening just three venues, the multinational pizza restaurant chain, Domino’s Pizza, now have over a thousand franchised locations in the UK, and are expanding daily.

Houston, we have a…

While business is undeniably booming, Domino’s franchisees expressed the need to improve the experience for customers waiting in line, and enhance the in-venue atmosphere.

Not only this, but managers were looking for a way to boost employee morale and productivity, as well as reduce staff turnover. The majority of sales come from deliveries, so time spent in store by actual customers was pretty insignificant. This meant that our curation process could put team members at the centre.


This is how we do it.

We listened to the pain points of employees, and our music team got to work.

Across three playlists, we mimicked the constantly evolving music landscape by blending new tracks, classic hits and certified favourites, increasing in energy from day to night, weekday to weekend. When 6pm on a Friday night hits, and orders come piling in, music gradually increases in BPM and overall energy, helping the team to create, process and package each order whilst staying upbeat and motivated. And unlike radio, thousands of tracks on rotation each week help maintain variety, shifting their focus from the repetitive nature of the task at hand and the reverberation of the telephone ring.

...we mimicked the constantly evolving music landscape by blending new tracks, classic hits and certified favourites, increasing in energy from day to night, weekday to weekend.

Colourful wave
Future Nostalgia Cover
What We Call Life Cover
Confessions Cover
Holy Fire Cover
Rainbow Child Cover
Lover Cover
Pray for the Wicked Cover
Flowers Cover
An Evening with Silk Sonic Cover
'64-'95 Cover
Settle Cover
To Hell With It Cover
Sincere Cover
Here Comes The Fuzz Cover

The sound.

At Domino’s, music was primarily introduced to motivate and energise the team, specifically during busy periods and weekends. Representing the diverse tastes of the team was crucial, and we were not confined by the usual brand constraints or complex commercial objectives. Therefore, Domino's sound is young, fresh, eclectic and upbeat. High-BPMs, high track popularity scores and mood valances that steer toward a lighter, happier feel, will ensure that staff are sufficiently invigorated.

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Bright, Fresh, Dancefloor

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Average tempo

115 BPM

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Pop, House, UKG, Indie Pop

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Example artists

PinkPantheress, Disclosure, MJ Cole, Jordan Rakei, Sunship, Usher, Foals

Look at me now.

Domino’s team now have motivating playlists to work hard to, and that relate to the brand at the same time. More variety in the music means that staff have boosted morale and their job feels less repetitive. It’s clear that Startle were the pepperoni-on-top for Domino’s, just check out what they said.

Startle is the perfect partner for the design and installation of my audio systems. Their expert engineering teams provide site-specific recommendations that always deliver the most amazing sound quality. They also provide me with a number of bespoke playlists that are constantly refreshed with new and exciting music, which means the service is loved by both my staff and customers. I cannot recommend their services highly enough. Having tried the rest, Startle certainly is the best.

Mike Racz

Owner / Franchisee at Domino's Pizza

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