Mind the Gap Report

Hospitality & Customer Experience Post Lockdown.


Startle’s Mind the Gap research report for the hospitality sector provides free insight into customer behaviour and the perceived gaps in experience and atmosphere in the times of coronavirus, with a blueprint for resurgence when we emerge from lockdown.

We live in the experience economy, and now more than ever hospitality is as much about serving a stand-out atmosphere and experience as it is great food and drink.

This paper provides the insight you need to keep hitting the high notes of customer experience using simple, actionable tactics. We draw on our own learnings and independent research alongside insight from a brilliant ensemble of partners and experts to show that it is still possible to create great hospitality experiences even in a time of enormous challenge.

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Brands that sound better with Startle

Startle has proved to be the perfect partner for Pizza Pilgrims, embracing all of our ideas for using music and technology to enhance our pizzerias. Our playlist management has improved massively, but the custom integrations we've been able to build in are the most exciting part. On top of this, the support we receive is super responsive and I know we can rely on the Startle team for quick, 1-to-1 help whenever we need it.

Thom Elliot


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Thom Elliot

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