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How can being clued up about your venue save you money?

How can being clued up about your venue save you money?

Written by

Abbie Dawson


April 10, 2023


Latest research

Everyone is feeling the squeeze of the cost of living. And if you work in the hospitality industry, it may have been a worrying time recently.

More than 4,800 licensed premises closed last year due to the cost of living, and a UKHospitality survey has found businesses expect an 82% rise in their energy bills when the government support comes to an end this month. 

So we’re all looking for ways to be smarter with our pennies - one of the ways we can do this is by being knowledgeable about exactly what’s going on in our venues. 

How does our Atmosphere monitoring work?

By installing our discrete sensors, we record over 10,000 atmospheric metrics per day to offer closed-loop reporting on historic and real-time events. 

What’s more, we’ve injected intelligent machine learning to be able to predict your future trends and allow you to make realtime atmosphere adjustments.

Within Studio, our enterprise-grade user platform, you'll have ongoing records of busyness, energy, temperature and the weather, all accessible from one neatly designed dashboard. See when a location's busiest period is, if it was quieter than usual last week, or whether the temperature inside was comfortable enough during that cold spell.

Better staff planning

Ever have times when your staff are standing around polishing cutlery for the third time because there’s less customers? Or times when your employees are rushed off their feet, losing customers because they’re stretched too thin? 

Understanding your trading patterns will facilitate better planning by ensuring you’re not over or understaffed. You can use atmosphere monitoring to get a real view of when your teams need the extra support, or when you can save some money by having less staff on the rota. 

Temperature monitoring

The rising energy bills are one of the biggest challenges for hospitality venues across the country. That’s why it’s so important to be clued up about your heating and air-conditioning levels.

Your temperature monitor will allow you to make sure your locations are at a comfortable level while ensuring you’re not overspending on heating or air conditioning. It’s not going to solve the issue of increasing energy prices, but the more you know about the temperature of your site, the smarter decisions you can make. 

Identify missed opportunities

By monitoring your atmosphere, you can see how your revenue correlates with aspects like footfall and special events to understand what’s driving or impacting your sales, or if you have any missed opportunities. 

Perhaps a certain promotion goes down well and you learn to repeat it. A certain weekday is quieter than others so you launch a ‘kids eat free’ deal. A football tournament triples your footfall, so you plan an after-match party to keep the good vibes going and your customers around. 

Be educated on what impacts your revenue and take advantage of it! 

Encourage longer stays

The bottom line is that if your environment is perfect, your customers will be more likely to visit and stick around. 

Think about a time when you entered a coffee shop where the music was too loud and it was too clammy inside. Where you once might have ordered a coffee and stayed for hours, leisurely chatting to your friend, you’re now feeling like you’ll leave the queue and go somewhere else instead. 

Part of the perfect atmosphere is, of course, the perfect music. With features like tempo and sentiment having a significant impact on customer behaviour, you may want to change the vibe as your venue gets busier. Or, maybe you want to proactively encourage activity - a second drink or longer browsing time, perhaps. Drive this automatically from your Startle system for the ultimate curated atmosphere. 

Your environment is ever changing. Knowing how this impacts the rest of your business is key to making sure your atmosphere always hits the spot.

We can’t change what’s going on in the world, but we can help you be as educated as possible about what’s going on in your venues. After all, each of your locations is unique, and keeping on top of the needs of each is a big task for anyone. 

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How can being clued up about your venue save you money?

Abbie Dawson

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