December 9, 2020

Mind The Gap: New Industry Reports on Retail & Hospitality Post Lockdown

Across the summer, we carried out extensive research into understanding customer behaviour and the perceived gaps in experience and atmosphere in the retail and hospitality sectors, post lockdown 1.

Mind The Gap

We’ve now compiled all our findings and guidance into two comprehensive, free-to-access Mind The Gap reports that also provide guidance for resurgence as many businesses emerge from lockdown 2.

Coronavirus hasn’t only demanded that spaces be super safe for visitors but has heightened the need for meaningful retail and hospitality experiences. We now live in the experience economy - and that’s only been made clearer during the pandemic.

One of the biggest challenges for businesses now will be to deliver the great experience customers expect, so that they keep coming back now the skies have opened, nights are longer, and the financial stimulus has passed. We’ve yet to understand the impact lockdown 2 will have on customer attitude but what we do know is that providing experiences people want to leave the house for is key.

This paper provides the insight you need to keep hitting the high notes of customer experience using simple, actionable tactics. We draw on our own learnings and independent research alongside insight from a brilliant ensemble of partners and experts to show that it is still possible to create great customer experiences in retail and hospitality, even in a time of enormous challenge.

Mind The Gap Retail Report

What are you waiting for?

Take a look at the reports here!

Mind The Gap: New Industry Reports on Retail & Hospitality Post Lockdown
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