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In the Booth with DJ Danny Dove

In the Booth with DJ Danny Dove
Written by

Mel Fulker


July 15, 2021



Join us 'In the Booth' as we discover how music can make or break a night out.

'In the Booth'

During our 'In the Booth' series, we interview experts from a wide variety of industries that use music in specific ways to impact a customer experience. From theatre and film to music therapy, the power of music is everywhere. We interview some of the best to learn their unique 'trade' secrets that we can implement across your own customer experience journeys.

In the Booth with DJ Danny Dove

Mel Fulker

Chief Customer Officer at Startle. It's my job to oversee marketing, sales, and customer engagement, making sure everything we do is aligned to deliver the best possible customer experience. When I’m not working, you can find me exploring quirky coffee shops and practising yoga. Oh, and running after my toddler, which is the real fun bit!

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