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6 trends for retailers to look out for throughout the rest of 2022

6 trends for retailers to look out for throughout the rest of 2022

Written by

Abbie Dawson


July 26, 2022


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Amidst a mixed bag of sector news, the future still looks exciting.

If there was one sure thing that was going to happen in the record-breaking heat wave of last week, it was always likely to be footfall falling. As we all strived to stay cool and out of the sun as airports and ice creams melted, the largest drop in footfall was seen in greater London, which was down -13% across the high streets, whilst footfall fell by -10.2% across all destinations.1

As is often the case, there is a real mix of positive and negative news around for the sector right now. On the one hand, Co-op has announced plans to drastically reduce office staff, yet on the other Aldi is to give workers a second pay rise of the year.

A study has found that Retail accounts for 10% of administrations in 2022, and UK retail sales fell again in June despite Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. A boost to food and drink sales over the Queen’s jubilee weekend was not enough to stop the cost of living crisis from pushing down retail sales.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said sales volumes dipped 0.1% in June, after a 1.2% rise in food and drink sales failed to offset a slide in clothing, as well as consumers’ reluctance to purchase furniture and other big ticket items. Petrol sales, hit by a 20% increase in prices, slumped by 4.3%, and in a further blow to retail, a fall of 0.5% in May was revised down to 0.8%.2

Yet on the positive flip side, Fraser Group has managed to swing itself into profit, while JD Sports expects ‘record’ profits  amidst strong sales.

Despite the challenges facing the sector, there is still a lot to be excited about in the near future. New technologies are leading the way for a more immersive online experience, new consumer behaviour is driving both product and business model innovation, and the world’s biggest brands are putting aside local competitive pressures to tackle the biggest issues facing our society and planet. The retail industry has always been tough and resilient to the biggest of challenges and there’s no doubt businesses can emerge stronger.

Against this backdrop, Deloitte has just released an interesting new report that details six major trends for retailers to look out for throughout the rest of the year.3

And here is a handy summary of them for you:

  1. Generation Z starts to splash the cash - Generation Z as consumers. Attracting Gen Z becomes more important as they become both customers and employees.
  2. The retail empire strikes back - Retail in a digital world. The online and digital retail world is no longer the sole preserve of the agile startup or online pure play business.
  3. Shop and Go Go Go - Convenience scales up. With consumers demanding a frictionless and often contactless retail experience, checkout-free stores, ultra-fast and autonomous delivery are rapidly becoming mainstream.
  4. Tales of the unexpected - Retailers diversify their businesses. Conscious consumerism and a challenging market is encouraging retailers to diversify and move into completely new businesses to utilise their assets better and find new sources of growth.
  5. Virtuous circles - Circularity and traceability in demand. Circularity is on a fantastic growth trajectory with the second-hand clothing sector expected to grow faster than fast fashion.
  6. 1+1=3 - Collaborate with meaning. Through progressive and distinctive collaboration, retailers can achieve something greater than the sum of its parts.


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1Retail Sector; ‘Footfall drops as heatwave hits UK’. 18th July 2022.

2The Guardian; ‘UK retail sales fell again in June despite Queen’s jubilee celebrations’. 22nd July 2022.

3Deloitte; ‘Retail Trends 2022: Beyond Retail’. July 2022.

6 trends for retailers to look out for throughout the rest of 2022

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