A third of shoppers think music can make the retail experience better


August 12, 2020


Melanie Fulker

And over a third of them feel the experience was better pre-lockdown.

The high street received some positive news recently, with 30% more people reported to be on the streets than the preceding week.*

What is the opinion of these shoppers who have returned since lockdown eased?

Over a third of them (38.7%) feel the experience was better pre-lockdown (see graph 1), with nearly a third feeling the experience would have been better with music (29.3%). More specifically, one third of people who feel the retail experience is worse post-lockdown think it would be improved by music (33%).

Graph 1

Who wants to hear the sound of music?

Well over half of shoppers who feel the atmosphere would be better with music are women (58.6%). 

Over a quarter (27.3%) of those who feel the atmosphere would be better with music are aged 35-44 (see graph 2).

Graph 2

Thoughts from Startle CEO, Adam Castleton:

“With COVID-19 operating procedures in place, it's understandable that customers feel the shopping experience isn't as good as it was prior to lockdown. Customers acknowledge that getting the music right creates a positive impact on the overall experience. This is positively reflected across all age groups, but more significantly recognised in younger customer demographics.”

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Surveys carried out July 2020. Sample size (n)  >1000 people, UK Nat. Rep. with 95% confidence level & margin of error of +/- 5%.

*The Guardian Article: "UK High Streets get boost as eat out to help out scheme begins". 3rd August 2020

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