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Introducing Our New Book - Atmospheres That Sell

Introducing Our New Book - Atmospheres That Sell

Written by

Adam Castleton


May 30, 2023


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A first-of-its-kind behavioural science book for retail and hospitality

In retail and hospitality there are no medals for nice music and wishful thinking, just a fair bit of risk. We leave that to others, and we focus on the science behind good vibrations that curate atmospheres with real intention.

Creating something as deeply subjective as a store, cafe or restaurant atmosphere without a strong understanding of human behaviour is silly. That’s why behavioural science is at the core of everything we do.

And now, we want to share how you can use behavioural science principles to create atmospheres that sell, and lift sales without lifting a finger (except to turn to the next page).

Introducing: Atmospheres that Sell: Using Behavioural Science To Create Branded Atmospheres in Retail & Hospitality

Covering concepts like the peak-end rule and the Von Restorff effect, we’re providing market leading insight on using behavioural science in retail and hospitality.

Stacked full of useful information, examples, and thoughts about how to run your sites more like an extension of your brand and marketing function, a critical tool in achieving your commercial objectives. Because your sites are your show business, and your show business is your product.

If you’re not already familiar with what behavioural science is or where it comes from, you’ll probably find the first chapter helpful (no spoilers). But beyond this, just dig into the chapters that sound interesting to you as each one will take a single insight and explore how it may be helpful to retail and hospitality businesses. 

“Getting inside your consumers' heads is difficult - changing the atmosphere is much easier. This book highlights how many businesses are missing out by ignoring these highly influential tools within their grasp, and gives them practical advice on how best to use them.”

- Richard Chataway, Author of The Behaviour Business

To find out more, head here.

Pssst. You can request a copy.

Introducing Our New Book - Atmospheres That Sell

Adam Castleton

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