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Introducing Atmosphere: Playlist Triggering and Digital Signage

Introducing Atmosphere: Playlist Triggering and Digital Signage

Written by

Shaun Potter


May 1, 2023


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Have your music and signage automatically adjust to what’s going on outside and inside your venue.

We recently introduced Atmosphere, our first-of-its-kind atmosphere monitoring tool that retail and hospitality businesses can use to gain invaluable insight into how the environment of your locations changes over time. 

As well as automatic volume control, Atmosphere is designed to work with playlist triggering and signage, and change music playlists based on real time state of footfall and liveliness.

The Benefits for Duality Businesses

Are you a business that needs a different atmosphere for different times of day? Perhaps a coffee shop in the day and a bar at night, or a coffee shop in the day and a restaurant at night? Atmosphere has you covered. Even in the unlikely scenario you have a consistent customer demographic, you’ll no doubt want them to feel a different way when working through emails or slurping on coffee than you do when sipping on a few martinis and chatting about the weekend ahead.

Duality businesses, for example, coffee shops that become bars at night, are thriving due to profit realisation of single spaces for multi purpose functions. These businesses can harness this niche element even further by changing the feel of the space, and in theory, provide two very different experiences in one location. 

With our super smart sensor, you can change the atmosphere without even needing to push a button. Make adjustments to fit the daily working day, set certain times and footfall limits, and sit back to allow the sensor to determine the exact moment to trigger the action. Let your staff focus on what really matters - serving your customers, rather than having to worry about creating the atmosphere. 

What about digital signage?

We know that you put a lot of work into creating visual content for the screens in your venues. So why waste them? Using Atmosphere, you can utilise digital displays to trigger promotions at the moment of peak trade - our data insights can help to trigger specific promotions when you know you have the peak captive audience of customers. Think ice cream in heat waves, soup on stormy days. 

A buy-one-get-one-free promotion for Haagen-Daz ice cream, planned to coincide with the hot weather, saw the retailer sell as much in one week as it normally achieved in an entire year. This shows just how impactful external factors can be on customer behaviour, but also demonstrates that making the most of these external factors can lead to a huge uplift in sales without a huge uplift in workload.  Work smarter, not harder. 

Digital signage can also provide an occupied wait for your customers, reducing frustration, perceived waiting times, improving brand recall, and building distinctiveness for your brand.

“Studies show digital signage for retail can increase sales by 29.5%. In fact, one in five consumers make unplanned purchases after seeing visual triggers in store.”

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, using Atmosphere to help automatically trigger music and signage changes means the content in your venues can remain relevant and impactful without your staff having to interfere. They need to focus on the important things, like providing amazing service, rather than manually changing things like screens and songs. 

Take one of our lovely customers, schuh. Our fully integrated, one-stop shop solution was designed to work around their complex signage requirements - multiple screens, located in various positions within stores.

Our cloud-based, user-friendly platform gave schuh tools to manage their music and signage content in one place, meaning they could easily schedule and display independent content to different screens. We also made sure their music was integrated with other in-store sensory elements, such as lighting. For example, the ‘Mellow’ playlist was specifically curated to coincide with schuh’s ‘Autism Hour’, when lights are dimmed and the music volume is reduced to be more sensitive and suitable. This is just one example of adapting the environment to suit your customers or encourage behaviour. 

Having your playlists and display always on point can lead to increased income, an environment which aligns and encourages your business objectives, and great experiences for your customers. 

Your environment, both inside and outside of your venue, is always changing. Let’s make the most of it. 

Get in touch to find out more about Atmosphere.

Introducing Atmosphere: Playlist Triggering and Digital Signage

Shaun Potter

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