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Use Sonos? No sweat.

Use Sonos? No sweat.

Written by

Shaun Potter


March 23, 2021



The best tech is easy and works for everyone - that's why we're constantly developing new ways to support our customers. The latest development? Sonos integration.

We’ve gone a step further. After our recent development to support Google chromecast enabled speakers, we’ve now added all Sonos speakers to the list of compatible speaker systems.

It’s increasingly common for businesses, particularly those with fewer sites, to lean towards ‘hardware-lite’ music solutions with the plug-in-and-go wireless options frequently being chosen to play background music. With Sonos being a strong crowd-favourite, we’ve developed our software to effortlessly sync up with any Sonos speakers in use at each site.

Radio Ga Ga

We promise not to bore you with the detail, but in essence, from your Startle Player we broadcast your scheduled music as a ‘radio station’ that only you have access to. From here, your Sonos speakers can play your Startle Music, but without having the bother of plugging it all in through aux cables or the like. Easy peasy.

Some of our favourite benefits are:
  • Easy set up that works without changing your background music infrastructure.
  • You can enjoy Startle Music in the same way as with a wired speaker connection. With the same quality, the same functionality and the same reliability.
  • You can still benefit from all of our suite of services, for example audio for digital signage videos.
  • There's no additional cost in the service using this method. It's on us.

Do you use Sonos? Then we’ve got you covered.

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Use Sonos? No sweat.

Shaun Potter

Design Lead at Startle. It's my job to create the outward facing marketing, as well as designing the systems and products our lovely customers use, with a heavy emphasis on user experience. When I’m not designing I like listening to records, practising martial arts, going for long rides on my motorbike and eating ice cream.

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