New to Startle: Audio Messaging for Business


September 15, 2016


Mel Frazer-Reid

Startle has now launched its newest feature of Startle Music, Audio Messaging!

Available to all Startle Music customers using the Startle Player, this exciting new functionality allows businesses to broadcast messages, adverts and promotions across their venues in a simple, managed way.

Venue managers or workers in the head office can now upload audio files of their choice to their background music control panel and schedule these to play amongst their playlists at selected locations throughout the day. Ideal for announcements such as special offers, closing time reminders and company news, Audio Messaging allows businesses to share information with their customers with minimal effort or disruption. Once the messages are uploaded the user will also be able to set their desired times and intervals, which offers vast flexibility for the business.

In addition to the benefits of communication to customers Audio Messaging could create a new revenue stream for businesses, as messaging slots can even be set with a chargeable fee to in-store suppliers, allowing them advertising opportunities at the point of purchase.

Audio Messaging provides exciting new opportunities for Startle Music customers, and is a perfect addition to the existing functionalities that our platform offers.

In a nutshell, Startle’s Audio Messaging provides:

Quick and easy management via existing music control panel

Complete in-venue communication to customers and staff

Opportunities for new revenue streams

Total freedom and choice of audio content

Flexible scheduling, working simultaneously with background music

To learn more about Audio Messaging and understand how different types of businesses can benefit from this alongside our Startle Music platform, call a member of the Startle team on 020 3397 7676 or submit a request via the Startle Music web page, and we’ll get back to you soon!

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