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Half of people who find pub atmosphere lacking think music would make it better

Half of people who find pub atmosphere lacking think music would make it better

Written by

Abbie Dawson


August 14, 2020


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And nearly half think the atmosphere was better pre-lockdown.

What do those who have been to pubs post-Covid think about the experience?

Nearly half think that the atmosphere was better pre-lockdown (43.3%). And half of those people think music would make it better (49.5%), see graph 1.

Chart showing people who think the atmosphere would be better with the sound of music
Graph 1

One third (31.1%) of those who feel strongly that the experience was better in pubs before lockdown are in the 45-54 age bracket (see graph 2).

One third of those who strongly feel music would make atmosphere better are aged 18-24 (31.4%).

Chart showing people who felt the atmosphere was better than before lockdown, split by age ranges
Graph 2

Thoughts from Startle's CEO, Adam:

“It's wonderful to see customers returning to the much loved pub. The weather, return of sport, and the Eat Out To Help Out scheme have been helpful tailwinds. The challenge for Operators will be to deliver the great experience customers expect, so that they keep coming back when the skies open and the financial stimulus has passed. It's encouraging to see that customers recognise the importance of music in creating the right atmosphere as getting this right is a really quick win for Operators.”


Whatever the name is of your fine establishment, clearly a lot goes into creating a great pub and bar experience.

Yes, music is important, but it takes more than just music. We call it Music+.

For us at Startle, it is something customers tell friends about. Like a pub quiz played entirely through your phone and based on identifying songs you hear as you drink and chat with friends. It elevates a brand to distinction, with the atmosphere of all sites harmonising in unison. Ultimately it improves your bottom line.

Tell me more, tell me more - What does a great pub experience look like?

Imagine an atmosphere that’s built to run itself, optimising the music and lighting to make sure the experience is always at it’s best and keeps the tills ringing. Couple that with incredible music mixes that are integrated seamlessly with your atmosphere and we’re suddenly talking about the bar of the future which we’re already building.

Walk this way, talk this way…

You have to walk the walk if you talk the talk, so here’s Will Barratt of Wine Inns on how we helped transform their brand’s customer experience:

“Startle's music+ service is exceptional. Their playlists are fantastic and I can control all of our venues from my smartphone. The service is backed up by Startle's Relentless Support™ team who are always on hand to answer any question or fix any issue immediately.”

Why not download for free (and with very little effort) our hospitality brochure? There is one for pubs and restaurants, as well as hotels and cafes.

And if you think we can help, we’d love to hear from you. Call us on +44 (0)203 397 7676 or drop us an email at

Half of people who find pub atmosphere lacking think music would make it better

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