Introducing: MatchReader - The New Sport Prediction Game for Pubs

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new sport prediction game, MatchReader!

Designed to turn a 90-minute football match into a longer, more interactive experience, MatchReader helps pubs and bars drive customers to arrive earlier and stay later on match days. A new, exciting offering for consumers, the game also helps to tackle the all-too-familiar challenge of bringing sports fans out of their homes and into their local to watch live matches in the first place!

By heightening customer engagement, MatchReader - which is played through a smartphone - adds to the elements of fun and competition that are key to building an inclusive sport viewing experience. Easy to play, and with prizes up for grabs, MatchReader provides a new tool for pubs and bars to help them make the most of their live sport investment.

How it works

Beginning one hour before kickoff, MatchReader asks players to predict the outcomes of a series of events, such as when the first goal will be scored and how many yellow cards will be issued. Customers use their smartphones to answer, interacting with the MatchReader bot through Facebook Messenger to make their predictions. Based totally on future events, even complete football novices stand a chance of guessing the right outcomes!

Throughout the match, players will be notified when a MatchReader event occurs to find out whether they predicted correctly or not. Successful players may win instant prizes such as a free drink, which can be then be redeemed at the bar using a QR code. What’s more, those who predicted correctly are also in with a chance of winning the ultimate MatchReader prize - 2 tickets to the Premier League!

Benefits to Pubs & Bars

With huge competition from both other venues and consumer streaming services at home, it’s imperative that pubs and bars offer something that bit different to ensure they’re front of mind when sports fans are choosing where to watch a match. The simplicity and appeal of MatchReader can do just this, with all consumers, regardless of their football knowledge, able to get involved.

Following the huge success pubs enjoyed during the 2018 World Cup, it’s undeniable that live sport, when done well, provides an immense opportunity for the venues that show it. Using MatchReader to further drive footfall and extend dwell-time on match days, therefore, boosts opportunities to maximise sales and marketing efforts in a bid to increase revenues.

Find out more

To learn more about MatchReader and how the game could help you make the most of live sport in your venues, please contact us to arrange a demo.