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Mind Your Business: Startle - Episode 1

Mind Your Business: Startle - Episode 1

Written by

Adam Castleton


October 11, 2023



The new podcast series for business leaders doing things very much their own way.

Mind Your Business is the sponsored spin-off of marketing agency ...Gasp!'s world-leading podcast, Call to Action®. It gives inspiring, unusual or simply very likeable businesses a chance to share their story. In ...Gasp!'s own words, "It’s like reading a business book with the word ‘guru’ in the title, with the single but vital exception that it won’t make you do a little sick in your mouth".

This is the first episode of our three part Mind Your Business series.

For this first episode, Adam, our CEO and self-confessed lead singer who can’t sing, chats to Giles.

They riff on: 

📣 His first job in charge of a rollercoaster

📣 Being an anti-tech tech founder

📣 The magic of subtlety in tech

📣 How Startle designs the perfect atmosphere

📣 Our book to help harness heuristics and biases in retail and hospitality

📣 Handing out free air guitars

📣 Why you shouldn’t play music people like, and loads more. 

It’s subtle tech which is magic. People don’t necessarily realise that they’re being exposed to because they’re not interacting with it directly. But it is influencing their customer experience.


(01:12) - An introduction to Startle and Adam

(02:43) - His first job in charge of a rollercoaster and his passion for the intersection of leisure, humans and tech  

(04:38) - An idea in the pub 5 years ago and how Startle came to be

(10:44) - Startle in a nutshell  

(12:47) - Startle’s behavioural science book for retail and hospitality

(15:26) - Where background music providers have go wrong and the importance of intent

(21:50) - Thinking about your customers’ mood

(29:10) - Handing out free air guitars at Nudgestock

(30:30) - A teaser for Part 2

Listen to episode 2 here, and episode 3 here.

Find out more about our first-of-its-kind book, Atmospheres That Sell, or get in touch to speak to us about using music and behavioural science in your business.

Mind Your Business: Startle - Episode 1

Adam Castleton

CEO at Startle. It's my job to lead Startle, ensuring that we have a positive impact on both our customers and our team, by delivering innovation and growth in a positive culture. When I'm not at my desk, you'll either find me at a customer's site, or in the forest with my wife and boys - my two happy places.

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