Startle Jukebox’s Pay-per-Play: Earn Revenue by Engaging Your Customers

Startle gives businesses the opportunity to enable interactive music at their venue with Startle Jukebox, which allows consumers to take control of the background music via requests from their smartphones. This can be offered either as Free-Play - with no charge for customer music selections - or through our innovative Pay-per-Play feature, where credits can be purchased to use in exchange for track requests.

If you’re a business looking for a new way to engage customers whilst increasing your revenues, Startle Jukebox’s Pay-per-Play option could be a perfect solution. With simple set-up, clear customer navigation and flexible pricing options, it’s easy to manage and hassle-free.

Benefits of Startle Jukebox:

  • Customer engagement
  • A whole new revenue stream
  • Data capture
  • Multiple users at one time
  • Encourage social media sharing and expand the venue’s online presence

So, how does this all work?


Via your Startle Music online control panel you are able to select your own price points, giving you control of the quantities and respective value of credits available to your customers.

Advertising Your Service

As a Startle Jukebox customer you’re able to order pre-designed promotional materials to kit out your venue and advertise your new interactive feature to customers, encouraging their requests. These materials come in a variety of designs and will include instructions to demonstrate to how customers how they can take control of the in-venue music they hear.

Customer Requests

Once a customer decides to engage with Startle Jukebox and make a track selection, they will text a short code to a given number, which will be instantly responded to with a link to our fast-loading interface. Here, customers can view the purchasing options and buy credits using one of the secure mobile payment technologies that we offer. Once purchased, these credits can be redeemed against track selections from our expansive music library, and will not expire. Whether it’s on the same day or months later when they return to the venue, customers will be able to browse and select songs from their favourite artists, as well as our professionally-curated playlists, using the credits on their account.

Music Scheduling

When customer interactive music is enabled, playlists can still be scheduled by a venue manager as normal, entertaining quiet periods and filling the gaps when there are no customer selections in the queue. As soon as a request comes in, this will be automatically scheduled to play once the current song has finished, avoiding any abrupt cut-offs.

To maintain control over your business’ brand and atmosphere, you can even restrict requests to specific playlists or genres. Only this approved music will then be available in the library for customer browsing.


By determining your own Pay-per-Play price points for credits, your business has complete control over the amount that customer track selections earn you. You will receive 100% of this revenue, which will be paid to your business on a monthly basis.

Data Capture & Marketing Opportunities

One of the unique advantages of Startle Jukebox is our automatic data capture from consumers who engage. Businesses can use this to enhance their digital marketing strategies, with the ability to broadcast SMS messages advertising deals, events and promotions to customers. An easy-to-use online dashboard provides the tools, campaign scheduling and opt-out mechanism you need to send targeted messages to hundreds of customers in mere moments.

Hopefully you now have a basic understanding of how Startle Jukebox and its Pay-per-Play feature are implemented to benefit businesses.

For more details, advice or quotes for any of Startle’s innovative offerings, speak directly to a member of our team on 020 3397 7676.