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Announcing Startle’s Relentless Support™ via WhatsApp

Announcing Startle’s Relentless Support™ via WhatsApp

Written by

Adam Castleton


September 17, 2020


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At Startle, we’ve long known that our happiest customers are those that engage with our Relentless Support™ team.

Not surprising, with feedback like this…

Some customer feedback
Customer feedback

So in a world where businesses are putting up barriers to not speak to their customers in an effort to save costs, we’re investing to take barriers down and are launching Relentless Support™ via WhatsApp, as a verified WhatsApp Business Partner.

We understand that many of our retail and hospitality users are too busy to sit by the phone to take a call. That’s why we’re bringing customer support to a channel that can be accessed when it’s convenient for them, via a messaging service that’s familiar to many. Relentless Support™ via WhatsApp provides a more convenient option for many users to get in touch and be delighted with our service.

Hand holding phone, with WhatsApp conversation with Relentless support team
WhatsApp support

As well as phone, email and in-app chat, site staff can now access the same great 24/7/365 unrelenting support by simply sending a WhatsApp message to the Startle phone numbers (0203 397 7676 in the UK, or 646-585-0165 in the US).

In line with our Relentless Support™ SLA’s, we guarantee to respond to messages in 30 minutes on average and publish our performance live on our website.

Relentless Support™ via WhatsApp is available to all customers now, so just drop us a message to get started.

Announcing Startle’s Relentless Support™ via WhatsApp

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